DCN April 2016 - Page 48

projects & agreements OpenX selects Zayo for data centre expansion OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces, has selected Zayo Group Holdings to expand its data centre footprint to support the growing volume of transactions on its OpenX Ad Exchange. The OpenX Ad Exchange facilitates trillions of transactions yearly for the company’s more than 1,000 publisher clients worldwide. As the digital advertising industry has evolved over the past decade, publishers, App developers and marketers are increasingly adopting programmatic advertising to facilitate targeted campaigns across all screens and formats. Ad tech companies have significant infrastructure requirements that range from high performance connectivity to colocation and cloud solutions. Given its interconnect-rich data centre portfolio and extensive fibre network, Zayo is well positioned to target the ad tech ecosystem. In OpenX’s case, the company will further utilise Zayo’s high performance communications infrastructure to support current and future growth. OpenX currently has a dense colocation footprint in Zayo’s Ashburn, Virginia and Oak Brook, Illinois data centres. Under the terms of the new three year agreement, OpenX will expand colocation in both facilities. Zayo acquired these data centres as part of the Latisys acquisition last year and continues to leverage these assets to drive colocation and cloud growth. 48 World famous church supported by micro data centre from Schneider Electric Schneider Electric has provided a micro data centre solution to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO world heritage site that continues a long history of transformation through an extensive, ongoing construction project due for completion in 2026. The Basilica had unique challenges and time constraints for building a new data centre that required a different approach to the design and construction principles traditionally employed in the IT industry. In just 16 weeks, Schneider Electric designed, manufactured and delivered a turnkey data centre infrastructure solution, complete with IT, racks, UPS, power distribution, precision cooling, environmental management and fire suppression system. Schneider Electric enabled Sagrada Familia to acquire a new fast track, state-of-the-art data centre within budget, with predictable performance, and with the flexibility to relocate the data centre when expansion demands a move. EDUCATION PROVIDER NCG STREAMLINES REQUIRED STORAGE CAPACITY WITH ARCSERVE UDP Arcserve LLC has announced that its Unified Data Protection (UDP) software, coupled with deduplication and compression features, has enabled NCG, one the UK’s largest education providers, to reduce the required back up storage capacity from 172TB to just 30TB, and its back up window by 80 per cent. As a result the group has cut the cost of protecting 172TB of data created and used by more than 133,000 students by 50 per cent, and reallocated 50 per cent of the staff originally dedicated to data protection to other projects. Currently NCG needs to protect 172 TB of data including student and staff records, enrolment information and financial data. This includes Microsoft Exchange data, an SQL database and 350 virtual and physical servers. The NCG IT team selected Arcserve UDP based on its ability to lower the amount of data to be protected thanks to data reduction technologies, which in turn cut the cost of licensing fees and freed up staff time. Arcserve UDP also had a significant impact on the back up process, in part due to deduplication and compression and, secondly, thanks to its ability to carry out incremental back ups.