DCN April 2016 - Page 44

projects & agreements Logicalis delivers new ‘performance underwritten’ storage infrastructure platform underpinned by NetApp technology for Loughborough University Logicalis has designed a major new storage infrastructure refresh for Loughborough University. Built using a FlexPod infrastructure stack from NetApp & Cisco, and adhering to Logicalis’ architectural approach, known as ‘IT by Wire’, the platform has been orientated to, and tested against, Loughborough’s unique service goals. The robust new FlexPod deployment combines NetApp FAS storage, Cisco UCS technology and leading hypervisors in a powerful, integrated solution. The advantages of NetApp’s Data Fabric concept allow Loughborough University to consistently manage its data, efficiently transport workloads within its IT environment as required, and leverage the right resources for a given workload. Logicalis’ various IT projects with Loughborough University since 2010 have attracted a string of independent industry awards. Having developed a hybrid cloud environment, core network, unified communications suite and extensive VDI roll out, this latest implementation replaces and extends Loughborough’s on-premise storage infrastructure – a critical component of its IT strategy and a key enabler for the delivery of on-demand learning resources and student services. 44 Secura Hosting selects Opengear to reduce risk and streamline remote data centre management Opengear has announced a successful project with Secura Hosting, a cloud hosting provider that is using Opengear solutions to improve the responsiveness and resilience of its data centre operations supporting mission critical customers. Secura Hosting is a highly regarded service provider with a growing number of customers that range from European hospitality brand PPHE Hotel Group to innovative software-as-a-service providers, including Causeway and Selima. Secura supports critical applications and systems with secure, scalable, high performance virtual private cloud hosting, delivered from a number of Tier 3+ UK data centres. At each data centre site, Secura has deployed CM7100 console servers delivering up to 48 serial ports for out-of-band management of network and server devices, including core switches, firewalls, security appliances and storage arrays including its high performance Compellent SANs. METROPOLITAN POLICE CHOOSES KEYSOURCE TO SAFEGUARD CRIME DATA The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has awarded the management of two of its critical data centres to Keysource as part of the wider strategic implementation of the force’s technology transformation programme. The MPS has identified an efficient IT infrastructure as a key enabler in its One Met transformation programme to deliver its ‘20:20:20’ strategic priority – to decrease key crimes by 20 per cent, increase public confidence by 20 per cent and decrease costs by 20 per cent. The highly secure, available and scalable data centres house critical MPS IT systems supporting services such as emergency service communications, automatic number plate recognition and the recently introduced body worn video. As the Data Centre Management Service (DCMS) provider Keysource is managing assets, capacity, efficiency, certification and compliance, as well as taking responsibility for delivery management and physical security management including access to site, data hall and racks. Operational services including M&E testing and maintenance scheduling, IT smart hands service, data cabling and IT decommissioning and commissioning services are also part of the remit.