DB Alumni Spark Issue #5 issue 5

Volume1 Issue 5 April - June 2017 The official eNewsletter of the Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Association, Inc. 37 NATIONAL CONVENTION THE NEW ALUMNI OFFICE 2nd HOLE IN JUAN HERO IN NEW YORK LENTEN RECOLLECTION REUNION OF BATCH 57 see Page 4 see Page 2 see Page 8 see Page 7 see Page 6 see Page 7 31st Alumni Homecoming January 20, 2018 2017 Graduation and Moving up Ceremony In the Philippines, March is traditionally cel- ebrated as Graduation Month because school commencement excercises are usually sched- uled on this month. March also ushers in the start of summer vacation for Grade School , Junior High School students . For DBTC Col- lege it ends on May. Graduation rites and moving up ceremonies are occasions for students to thank their parents and benefactors for the valuable gift of education . It is an opportune time to acknowledge the important contribution of teachers in the educational journey of their students. It is likewise a fitting time to thank classmates with whom diificulties and triumps were shared in the face of challenging assign- ments and projects. ASCEND A STEP TO THE FUTURE Moving-up Ceremony Whether a Grade 6, Junior High School and College Graduate, one would benefit from the wisdom and quotes of Arie Pencovici who said: “ Graduation is only a concept… a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a dif- ference .” Congratulations , Batch 2017 Elementary Graduation