Daughters of Promise November/December 2014 - Page 7

a Letter from Rae Hi there! So glad you have found your way to this publication. I truly hope it is a blessing to you. This issue was shaped around two words: Gratitude and Simplicity. Could there be a better time to be reminded of these qualities than during the holidays? As a DOP team, it our desire to approach Thanksgiving and Christmas in a radically transformed way, and we would love to see you do the same. Instead of focusing inward; getting hung up on our own wishlists or falling into unnecessary excess, let’s embrace a simpler way; a more grateful way. The holidays can be a very difficult time depending what experiences we find ourselves in. I encourage all of us to keep our eyes open for ways to give of ourselves to bless others. Let’s examine carefully the rich gifts we are already laden with, and practice simplicity in the way we do the holidays. The greatest joy isn’t in stuffing ourselves with pleasure but in seeking the pleasure of others! I love the privilege of editing this magazine. As the articles and photos trickled in over the past few weeks, I shook