Daughters of Promise November/December 2014 - Page 47

MAKE BOLD-COLOR STATEMENTS: Seasons invariably impact the way we dress. Winter may seem to call for neutrel tones like tan, white, gray, and black, but don’t confine yourself to only these. Add some bright pops of color to your winter wardrobe by pairing bold hues together: purple and lime green, kelly green and black, mustard and blue. Again, the options are endless. Sometimes the colors we feel certain would never go together, actually compliment quite nicely. Experiment! Maybe do a little research on the fascinating science of colorblocking. Mostly, just be creative with what you have! Your closetful of summerwear can work just as swimmingly in this winter climate if its paired properly. GIVE IT THE CHOP: The goal of this little section is to inspire creativity and frugality in freshening up one’s winterwear. One of the best ways to do this is by practicing contentment, and a great way to get there is by intentionally purging your closet. I know it sounds counterintuitive. We may already feel bored with what we have; how could getting rid of clothes bring a fresh flair to our wardrobe? I stand by the theory that the more options a person has, the less appealing those options are. The more of something we have, the less valued and necessary the individual items become. Excess creates boredom. This winter, instead of adding to your stash, try getting rid of a few things. What haven’t you worn in the last 6 months? What do you have multiples of, but really don’t need? Trimming down to the items we actually love for their fit, comfort, and practicality leads us to appreciate our wardrobe more as a whole. Rather than being overwhelmed with too many average options, we can focus on a few of great quality. Pure your closet. Go on, I dare you! ACCESSORIZE: Add some flair to your winter outfits by accessorizing. Scarves are not only pretty but add an important layer of warmth to the neck and upper chest. Give your outfit an extra dose of femininity by learning some clever ways to tie the scarf, rather than simply slinging it around your neck like a noose. Belts provide an attractive way to draw together multiple layers and add that extra bit of cohesion to an outfit. Bring a pop of color with a handmade flower pinned to your sweater. Crochet your own fingerless mittens. A few simple sccessories keep outfits fresh and fun. Add them to create an entirely new look to those “same old clothes” you are tempted to ditch for new ones. EMBRACE THE LEGGINGS: I grew up with a bitter abhorence for all things “tights”. To me they represented ghastly white sheaths of ugliness that itched and got unbearably hot during those long church Christmas caroling sessions. However, with age comes ingenuity, and I have actually learned to love the twin sister of tights: leggings. They serve the practical purpose of keeping legs warm duuring long, boisterous romps in the snow (etc), and can also double as super cute extensions of one’s outfit. I have a fantastic collection of leggings (see photo for a sampling), being a lover of all things colorful and cozy. While still not a huge fan of tights (aka, the kind with feet), I found a great way to redeem them. I cut mine off to a desired length and hemmed the edges using a simple zigzag stitch. Voila! Leggings are also a great way to add length and warmth to the sundresses or shorter skirts we might otherwise avoid all winter. Pair leggings with some (handmade!) leg warmers or boot c ՙ