Daughters of Promise November/December 2014 - Page 42

My Holiday Home As the holidays approach and cold weather sets in, my creative energy is channeled into my home. I love the challenge of finding fresh ways to decorate, while maintaining a cozy, inviting atmosphere! I’m going to share a few tips I’ve learned about styling my home for the holidays on a budget. | 1. BRING IN THE OUTDOORS! Fall leaves, fresh evergreen and even branches can give that natural, woodsy feel that is perfect for any time of the year. The children and I went on a “treasure hunt” one evening, and we found some feathers as well as a few stems of money plant. It was a fun way to get the little people involved, not to mention the bonus of free décor! The money plant looks lovely in a vintage jar that I had, and I used 3 feathers that I’d collected to create some new artwork. Find a simple frame and cut paper to fit inside of it. I used plain white, but gray or even black would work too! Hot glue feathers on to your paper, in whatever pat \