Daughters of Promise November/December 2014 - Page 35

I have someone who might have some ideas.” And so finally Caleb and Hans talked. I didn’t say much; I just nodded and smiled. I nodded, because I was pretending that I knew what they were talking about. I smiled because it pleased me so much to hear them talking finally. I imagine God is like that too. I imagine that since God is a huge fan of everyone he knows, and he knows everyone, that he has billions of connections he hopes to make for people. Some of the connections he hopes to make between two of his children include you. He has people he wants you to meet. God thinks they are fabulously interesting and he says to us, “If only you’d meet them, you’d share my opinion.” However, our response is often, “I’m not an outgoing person,” or “I feel like they don’t want to talk with me.” Both of those reasons have a problem: they are selfcentered excuses. We are reticent because we focus on ourselves. Focus on others and things will change. Let me clarify. There are a couple things I am not saying. I am not saying that you should try to interact with people in greater volumes. This is draining for some personalities. I am not saying you should add a multitude of close friends. Everyone should find and cult