Daughters of Promise November/December 2014 - Page 29

THE WEARY HEART finding meaning and hope in your dark holiday. THE WORLD WHISPERED COLD a few days before Christmas. A time when it seemed everyone else was rejoicing in the love of family and friends, I felt lost. Pulling my coat tighter from the wind, ignoring the Christmas jingles and merrymakers, I walked slowly in the falling snow. Christmas did not feel like Christmas that year; my nose and heart numb, every lit tree and every carol were a reminder to me that my life was not right. Maybe this is you right now? You dread the holidays because of a loss, a new complicated season or a sad turn of events. The questions, the pain, the unfulfilled longings shout loudly demanding to be answered. There is no silent night for your heart this winter. Perhaps you are serving in the mission field; the heat and the new culture make you want to board every plane you see flying overhead (oh yeah, I’ve been there). You are a new bride in a new community and a trip home isn’t going to happen; it’s the first Christmas you ever spent away from your family. You feel misplaced, uprooted. Or maybe you have to go home to your family, and you dread it. It’s no Hallmark card around your fami