Daughters of Promise November/December 2014 - Page 19

much in life. (Now there’s a remedy for self-pity!) Worship, praise, and gratitude embrace faith and build belief. Worship causes our suffering to shrink in our eyes, and elevates the God of the universe to His rightful place. Isn’t it great that gratitude has nothing to do with our circumstances? Yes, that includes our outward appearance, our bank account, the size of our house, our husband or the absence of one, our job, our church, etc. But a grateful heart does affect how we view ourselves (our self-image), other women (the comparison game), if and how we share our home with others, etc. Believe me, hospitality is about caring for people, not showing off what you have. Wow, isn’t that a relief? If we can develop and live out of a heart of gratitude towards Christ, we can demonstrate love and hospitality to anyone who walks in our door. Why do we prefer wearing our troubles and busy schedules as a badge of honor instead of sharing the victories and blessings the Lord has given us? Now let me clarify something here. I am not promoting fakeness. If you need to ask somebody to pray for you and if you need help in your troubles, by all means be honest and open with others, but consider your motives for sharing. (James 5:16) I have discovered that sometimes my motives for sharing my “issues” is to look for affirmation or self-pity—maybe then I need to confess that as sin and ask for prayer. If you share your woes, do you want victory through prayer, or do you just want coddling from others? I believe that God calls His children to celebrate His goodness and to freely testify of the good things that He does, so let us practice that as the Spirit of God enables us. Now that you have developed a heart of gratitude, go shout it to the world! Testify! God has been good to you! Do not keep it to yourself. Some of you may think your Sunday services could use a bit more energy. Let it start with you. You share what God is doing for you, and watch what happens. “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11). You want to be an overcomer! I am sure you do. Then go testify, girl! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sandy Schwartz, wife of Rich Schwartz, is a home school mother of six children ranging between 10 months and fifteen years of age. In the flurry of activity that includes hosting guests “in season and out of season,” she has two options: bask in God’s presence, or become a basket case. Her identity is most certainly not wrapped up in the vehicle she drives. You can spot her cruising the streets of NYC in their 12 passenger van, otherwise know as “the bus.” Sandy loves spending time with her pastor, who is, incidentally, her best friend and husband. She is unique--she gets a thrill out of cleaning their church’s building. A few of her favorite things are: frequent belly laughs, banging out tunes on the piano, drinking coffee, hearing of God’s work in other womens’ lives, worshiping Her Savior, finding a good bargain, and hanging out with her family. -19-