Daughters of Promise November/December 2014 - Page 14

ONE THING (Sabbath Song, July 12, 2014) (“One thing thou lackest, if thou wilt be perfect.”) Mt 19:21 One thing you’ve asked me: take up my cross, Lu 9:23 Hate earthly riches, count it all loss, Lu 14:26; Lu 16:13; Php 3:8 To give up and follow you. Lu 18:22 This, my LORD, I gladly do, Mt 13:44 For beholding me, you’ve loved me with great love. Mr 10:21 One thing is needful, that will I choose. One thing is needful, all else I’ll lose. Sitting at Thy lovely feet, Hearing your voice still repeat: “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” One thing I have desired: to sing your praise, Declare your glory all of my days, To behold thy beauty, Lord, And inquire of thy word My heart said unto thee, “Thy face will I seek.” Lu 10:42 Joh 12:25 Lu 10:39, Isa 52:7 Isa 44:8; Isa 45:21 Jer 31:3 2Ch 29:30; Ps 7:17; Ps 9:2 1Ch 16:24; Ps 104:33 Ps 27:4; Isa 33:17 Ps 119 Ps 27:8 Not one thing ever failed of all you’ve said. You’ve given new life raised from the dead. All I want is more of you: Doing all you ask me to, Loving you with heart and soul and mind and strength. Jos 23:14 Ro 6:4; Ro 8:11; Col 2:12 Though I have not attained, one thing I do: Leave what’s behind me, reach for what’s new. Soon you’re coming in the skies, So I press on for the prize: The high calling in Christ Jesus, O my God. (I would be perfect.) Php 3:12 Php 3:13 Ac 1:11; Re 1:7 1Co 9:24 Php 3:14 De 18:13; Ps 101:2 Lu 17:10 Mr 12:30 MEET THE AUTHOR Growing up, I had one primary desire in life: to be a wife and mother. Even deeper than that, though, my heart longed to live out God’s purpose for my life, whatever the cost. After I married the man of my dreams, he voiced fundamental spiritual questions, and I thought God hadn’t been faithful to give me the desires of my heart. Disappointed, I placed my happiness in having a good marriage and pursued higher education and a professional career with its resulting money and prestige. Seven years later, God sent a crisis my way, and, with it, a second chance at processing through whether or not I would believe his goodness and word. After trying every tactic I knew of resistance and control to change my circumstances (and failing), I chose absolute surrender to God instead of suicide. Since then, my life has been a journey of growing in love, grace, and joy. For seven years, I was blessed with the ministry of homeschooling my two sons and teaching music at my church school in Gladys, Virginia. I am currently an adjunct instructor for Liberty University Online. -14-