Dassel-Cokato Community Guide 2018 - Page 9

City of Cokato City Offi ces Cokato City Hall is located at 255 Broadway Avenue South. The mailing address is PO Box 1030, Cokato, MN 55321- 1030. The website is www.cokato.mn.us. Offi ce Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The city staff: Administration: Annita Th Smythe, city administrator; Andrew Carlson, city clerk/treasurer; LouAnn Worden, deputy clerk. Museum: Mike Worcester, director; Johanna Ellison, assistant director. Public works: Jeff DeGrote, director, and maintenance workers Jason Kalis, Jared Merges, and Jeff Salmela. Great River Regional Library Cokato Branch: Sheila Rieke, manager. City Council Members File Photo The Cokato City Council is comprised The current Cokato City Council consists of: front – Mayor Gordy Erickson, of Mayor Gordy Erickson, (320) 286-2735; 286-2735 council members Carl Harju and Forrest “Butch” Amundsen; back – council Butch Amundsen, (320) 286-2566; 286-2566 Carl members Paul Boger and Jarod Sebring. Harju, (763) 300-1481, Jarod Sebring, (320) 224-2848, and Paul Boger, (320) 282-3864. 282-3864 Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and Minnesota state City council meetings are the second Monday of each statutes. Commission members are: Don Peroutka, chair; month at 7 p.m. in City Hall, and at other designated times Carl Harju, council liaison; Kevin Wilson, Kelvin Nelson, as needed to carry out the business of the city. and Al Jones. The city council encourages residents to address the Police Advisory Commission council regarding issues or concerns. The issues are generally The Police Advisory Commission, Commission , with council researched by the staff and a report made to the city council representation, is charged with various duties and functions. at its next regular meeting. The commission also advises the city council on all matters The staff implements policies established by the city council concerning public safety issues within the city. Members and coordinates all city activities. The various commissions, are: Dennis Hendrickson, chair; Paul Boger, council liaison, committees, and task forces appointed by the city council act and Phil Martinson, Al Jones, and Kelvin Nelson. as advisory sources to the council. Law enforcement is contracted through the Wright County Any resident interested in serving on a board, commission, Sheriff’s Offi ce. committee, or task force, should contact the city administrator at (320) 286-5505 for further information. Regulations City appointments Offi cial newspaper . . . . . . . Enterprise Dispatch Cokato Fire Chief . . . . . . . . Hutch Erickson Ambulance Director . . . . . . Jim Erickson Wright County Sheriff . . . . Joe Hagerty Parks Commission The general purpose of the Parks Commission is to monitor and refl ect the attitudes and concerns of the citizens of Cokato relative to the park system, and also to advise the city council of public attitudes and policy relevant to park and recreation functions in Cokato. Commission members are Joe Harmala, chair; Carl Harju, council liaison; Tim Dobmeier, Deb Hendrickson, and Mark Flood. Planning and Zoning Commission The Planning and Zoning Commission is the planning agency for the City of Cokato, and has powers and duties as provided in Minnesota state statutes. The commission holds public hearings as required in the Cokato Zoning Public right-of-way The city provides boulevards and easements for the use of all public utilities, including water, sewer, power, telephone, cable, storm sewer, street signs, and others. Within that boulevard and easement area, there is always a chance that underground utilities may need to be repaired or replaced. Property owners should be aware, and keep any landscaping or obstructions out of the public right-of-way. Winter parking As in every Minnesota city, Cokato has an ordinance which regulates the parking of vehicles during the winter months. There is no parking on city streets from 2 to 6 a.m., Nov. 15 through April 1. Snowmobile ordinance The City of Cokato snowmobile ordinance limits snowmobiles to one trip out of town, and one trip into town only. No snowmobiling is allowed in the city from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. For specifi cs, contact city hall. Offi cial Guide to Dassel-Cokato 2018-19 9