Dassel-Cokato Community Guide 2018 - Page 58

Federal Foam Technologies Federal Foam Technologies, located at 150 Industrial Park Rd. in Cokato, offers quality fi lling and foam products for the crafting and quilting industries. Products include fi berfi ll, quilt batting, pillow forms, pet pillows, bean bag pellets, and seasonal products. For more information, call (320) 286-2696, or go to www. airtex.com. Forward orward Technology LLC Forward Technology LLC, located at 220 Millard Ave. SW in Cokato, is a manufacturing company that designs and builds a wide array of standard and customized plastic assembly and testing systems specially suited to thermoplastic parts. Forward Technology manufactures systems for hot plate welding, vibration welding, infrared welding, spin welding, and ultrasonic welding, as well as burst testing and custom leak testing. To learn more, go to www.forwardtech.com or call (320) 286- 2578. Forward Technology’s mailing address is 260 Jenks Ave. SW in Cokato, MN 55321. Design and Fabricating Design and Fabricating, a job shop which provides custom fabricating, powder coating, and welding for a multitude of industries, is located at 425 1st St. SW in Cokato. To learn more, call (320) 286-5001. Pengo Attachments Pengo Corporation is located at 13369 60th St. SW in Cokato, MN with headquarters located in Laurens, IA. Since 1950, Pengo has been providing industry-leading drilling attachments to the agriculture, construction, utility, and infrastructure industries. We have provided countless solutions and introduced over 70 ground-breaking patents with one goal in mind: to provide our loyal customers with innovative and reliable industry-leading products. To learn more about Pengo Corporation, call 800-599- 0211, visit www.pengoattachments.com, or email pengosale s@pengoattachments.com. At Pengo we like to say, “You Have Challenges. We Have Solutions!” Industries in Dassel: Porta-Dock, Inc. Porta-Dock, Inc., located at 175 3rd St. in Dassel, has built quality waterfront equipment since 1966. Porta-Dock offers a complete line of maintenance-free boat, pontoon, and personal watercraft lifts, with capacities ranging from 800 to 7,000 pounds. Dock framework comes in 4- and 5-foot-wide sections, in various lengths, and available in galvanized steel, or aluminum construction. To learn more, call (320) 275-3312 or go to www.porta-dock. com. caregivers in healthcare facilities. Crest designs and manufactures proprietary products, such as pillow speakers, call cords, and replacement stations that facilitate patient-caregiver communications, and also partners with other manufacturers and distributors to bring innovation and quality patient outcomes in the delivery of healthcare services. As Crest Electronics, the company offers outsourced electro-mechanical design and manufacturing for companies with mission critical needs. Crest is ISO 13485 certifi ed for medical device manufacturing and FDA registered. To learn more, go to www.cresthealthcare.com or call 800- 328-8908. American Time American Time, located at 140 3rd St. S. in Dassel, is a manufacturer of synchronized time and notifi cation technology, including complete wired, wireless, and network clock systems. The all-new EverAlert solution is an innovative communication and emergency notifi cation system for schools. Founded by Jeff Baumgartner in 1980, as a clock supply and repair business, the company still offers replacement clock systems and parts for most major brands. For more information, call 800-328- 8996 or visit www. american-time.com. Spectralytics Spectralytics, located at 125 3 rd St. S. in Dassel, is a contract manufacturing company supporting the medical device community. Spectralytics provides laser solutions to customers worldwide. Capabilities include welding, cutting, drilling, micro- machining and ablation, precision stent machining, assembly, electropolishing, heat treating, and more. To learn more, call 800-275-2118 or go to www.spectralytics. com. FireLake Manufacturing FireLake Manufacturing is located at 961 First St. N. in Dassel. FireLake Manufacturing offers creamatory and incineration equipment for the animal, agricultural, and waste disposal industries. The family-owned facility has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer since the early 1950s, and continues to provide quality products, design, and customer service. For more information, go to www.fi relakeincinerators. com, or call 800-820-3391 or (320) 275-3391. These are the major industrial businesses in Dassel and Cokato. Please let us know of any errors or omissions by calling (320) 286-2118 or e- mailing news@dasselcokato.com. Crest Healthcare Supply Crest Healthcare Supply, founded in 1967 and located at 195 South Third St. in Dassel, is a leading provider of a wide range o