Dassel-Cokato Community Guide 2018 - Page 44

Featured Area Lakes Included in this map and informational listings are the most notable lakes in the local area. Of course, there are many other nearby lakes to enjoy as well. Dassel-Cokato residents can enjoy the beauty and recreational benefi ts provided by the abundance of lakes that surround the area. Provided is a map of the featured lakes, along with information on each, including size, maximum depth, water clarity, and locations of available accesses. Information has been provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Washington Long Size: 2,433 acres Maximum depth: 17 feet Water clarity: 4.8 feet Access: East side with limited parking off Hwy. 12, and Ellsworth Landing on south shore on Co. Rd. 14 and 215th Street. Size: 163 acres Maximum depth: 28 feet Water clarity: 12.6 feet Access: South shore on Co. Rd. 4 22 Spring Lake Stella Size: 218 acres Maximum depth: 30 feet Water clarity: 4 feet Access: North shore in Spring Lake Park on Co. Rd. 4 Litchfi eld Size: 596 acres Maximum depth: 75 feet Water clarity: 5.1 feet Access: Public access on south side with parking. 12 12 Darwin Manuella 216th S 205th St Lake Minnie-Belle Lake Erie 22 Jennie Size: 1,064 acres Maximum depth: 15 Water clarity: 6.4 feet Access: North shore on Co. Rd. 18, and small access on 715th Street Offi cial Guide to Dassel-Cokato 2018-19 44 CR 14 Size: 870 acres Maximum depth: 25 feet Water clarity: 7.4 feet Access: East shore off Co. Rd. 60, and southeast shore off Co. Rd. 14 215th St Co Rd 35 Manuella Lake Belle Lak Washin Lake Stella Lake Eire Size: 189 acres Maximum depth: 34 feet Water clarity: 4.9 Access: public access on south shore (concrete loading) gravel parking. 22 Size: 577 acres Maximum depth: 49 feet Water clarity: 13.1 feet Access: Small access on west side of lake, and cement on northeast shore off Hwy. 22 CR 14 Minnie-Belle Size: 289 acres Maximum depth: 51 feet Water clarity: 6.1 feet Access: East side on Co. Rd. 9 CR 14 Co Rd 18 Belle Lake 163rd St 15