Dassel-Cokato Community Guide 2018 - Page 4

Dassel and Cokato Welcome You Whether it’s the proximity to family, the sense of community, or the beauty in the nature that surrounds them, residents are proud to call Dassel- Cokato their home. Roughly 50 miles from the Twi Twin n Cities, Cities the t wo towns offer country living not far from the metropolitan area, offering recreational creational lakes, trails, and commu trails community nity events through throughout out the year. year Roughly six miles apart, the towns are connected by a regional trail that runs parall parallel to US Highway 12. Each ach town is unique in its own ways, but ut they can be considered consi dered one o community ommunity as they share a school district istrict, , among amon g other things. Some of the quali qualities ties valued by its residents are the arts and cultural ltural events ev ents provided by the historical histor ical socie societies ties, , year-round entertainment entertainmen at the Dassel el-Co -Cokato kato Performing Arts Ar ts Center, Center and recreational opportunities that are made possible with the plethora of lakes within the area. Town T own ball is also a treasured trea sured pastime ime. During ime the spring and summer, residents are cheering on their favorite favorit e team, whether wh ether it’s the Dassel-Cokato Saints pla playing ying in the Dassel Ball Park or the Cokato Kernels at Veterans Memorial Park. Park The Cokato Corn Carnival in August and Dassel Red Rooster Days over Labor Day weekend are annual events that at bring b ring the community together for food, fun, and entertainment. To fi nd plenty lenty of other reasons residents choose to call Dassel-Cokato home, look inside the 2018 Dassel- 6F6VGwVFV&wVBV&'&Vv@v@FR'FRWFvWw7W"Ww7W"FRVFW'&6PF7F6GfW'F6W FW'&FW&VW7FFR6W'f6W2S0'&FVVV7G&23PP'&Gv"f62#p'VFW'2f'7B6W&6R#6Gb6F#@6GbF76V0306F6&W"b6W&6R#@6F6&F&RG'W7B06F7F&666WG`6FF'2#``6FW'6W'G66r2# 6F'G26GWF'G2#06F7V'vR6GvV&W"6&W"&VGC 6WFW"6W& F'vVVB3F76V6F66bD2VGV6F766F〤F76V&V7F&666WGSPF76VFVFC0F76VƗV'2S0V&w2vVBVFW'&6RF7F6f&&FRWVVB@f'7B&F7B6W&66FPPf'7BF&b6F#@f7W2&VG@BvVRG&C  w&VFW"6V6F2V( 27W7FFRbf&rR WF66VF6Ɩ23WF66VFF76V6Ɩ2PV6wF&  &gBv6W"rn6RsR&Vv7W&6RvV7VFVVV7Fb&6W'2RVVW"V&7Fs ֖GvW7Bv&FV6C֖GvW7B6W'#֖W.( 2WvV'3Vf&B6FF3 fW%FR#PW&V&#pV6&V6#'FF6P6ǒ&V^G23FR&WG6R@G&6VGf&rbGG&W72v&VW6R3`VG&67&WFR3 fvR&6pWVƞ( 2WFFfR6R6#n6wVFRFF76V6F#