Dassel-Cokato Community Guide 2018 - Page 35

youth endeavors, including the STRIVE high school mentor program, donating bike helmets for the fi rst-grade spring bike rally, and sponsoring students to participate in various Rotary leadership programs. The 2018-19 offi cers are: Jake Linder, , president; Kim Keithahn, treasurer; and Dori Kimball, secretary. For more information on Rotary, including how to become a member, visit the website at www.cokatodasselrotary.org, e-mail cdrotaryclub@gmail.com cdrotaryclub@gmail.com, or fi nd us on Facebook. Cokato Finnish-American Historica Historical Society The Cokato Finnish-American Historical Society (CFAHS) wa s founded was found ed in 1896, to preserve historical building buildings and artifacts facts located loca ted at Temperance Te mperance Corner (north of Cokato on Co. Rd. 3). . Our mission is to educate the public, and to provide historical information. CFAHS has more than 200 members and meet meets s quarterly at the he Temperance Hall Hall. . The annual meeting takes place in January, and a program and lu lunch nch follow the meeting. meeting T he society soci ety has two festiv festivals ann nnually; the fi rst is the Saturday aturday before M emo emoria rial l Day, and the second is in October. tober. During these se events events, all buildings are open with historical displays, and lunch is served. There is also a bake sale and raffl e, plus a historical program at noon. Midsummer is celebrated brated in June with a historical program and an evening dessert potluck, fo followed llowed by a bon bonfi re. Pikkujoulu (Little Christmas) i is s celebrated the fi rst Saturday aturday in December with candle-lighting can dle-lighting at the cemetery cem etery in late afternoon, a followed llowed by a potluck potl supper. A ll events are open to the public. Memberships are $10 for individuals, and $15 for couples; and donations help the society with its preservation and educational efforts. The society offers scholarships to a Finnish language camp. Anyone nyone interested in joining, joining , or with questions may contact Harvey Barberg, president, at (320) 286-5823, heidibharveyb@gmail.com. heidibharveyb@ Cokato Historical Society The Cokato Historical Society board of trustees meets the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Centennial Room of the library/museum building (except where noted). The historical society raises funds to support the operation of the award-winning Cokato Museum and Gust Akerlund Photography Studio, a National Register Historic site. They host regular programs and events, publish a quarterly newsletter, “In the Midst Of,” and provide research services for genealogists or persons interested in local history. Questions about the historical society, museum, or Akerlund Studio may be directed to the Cokato Museum at (320) 286-2427, e-mail cokatomuseum@embarqmail.com, or visit the website: www.cokatomuseum.org; www.cokatomuseum.org ; Facebook: Cokato Museum Muse um & Akerlund Photo Studio; and Twitter: @CokatoMuseum. Darwin Community Club The major function of the Darwin Community Club C lub is the Darwin Museum and Souvenier Sou venier Gift Shop. Shop It is also a supporter of Twine &F2v6FR6RFR6V6@6G'VFVwW7BF'vFR#rn6W'2&R6&26V6#B6Vf6R6#BV6֗FG&V7W&W"FRF'v6VG6V"262rf"WpV&W'2FW&W7FVBFRvVf&PvVf&RbFRF'v&VF6F֖R'&FV3##bc#05T4ĕr㠥&W6FVF( "6W&6G&V6r( "w&7VGW&w&&W2( $vVW&6W'f6Pwwr'&FVVV7G&26УSsS2U2w n6wVFRFF76V6F#3