Dassel-Cokato Community Guide 2018 - Page 34

Area Organizations Boy Scouts of Amer Americ ica a Troop 253 It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young pe p e ople, and, and in other ways, to prepare pr epare them to ma make ke ethical choices over their lifetimes in achieving their full potential potential. The values the organization strives to instill are based on those founded in the e Scout Oath and Law. Dassel-Cokato -Cokato Troop Tro op 253 welcomes boys ages 11 to 18 18. There are currently c urrently about 20 members who meet at 7 p.m. the second Mond Monday, and 6 p.m. the fourth Sunday of the month, at St. John John’s ’s Education Center. Cen Anyone one interested in joining, may contac contact Troop Scoutmaster Terry Gabrelcik at (320) 286-3288 286-3288. Cokato American Le Legion gion Post 209 and Auxiliary Since its founding in 1919, the American Legion has been an advocate for America America’s veterans, terans, a friend fr iend of the US military, a sponsor of community-based communi ty-based programs for young people, and a spo spokesman kesman for patriotic triotic values. Nearly 2.8 million members make it the nation’s nation largest veterans group, with about 15,000 local posts in most communi communities and six foreign fo reign countries. Membership is restricted to men and women w who served in the US U military during an offi cial period of confl ict. Cokato Post 209 was also founded found in 1919, and meets in the back room of city hall the th third ird Monday of the month at 7 p.m., except in March and December, when there are potluck potl uck dinners at the city hall at 6:30 p.m. In July there is no meeting. Currently, there are 64 members, and new members are always welcome. Contact Commander John Hilker at (320) 286-3203 for membership information. The Cokato American Legion Post 209 Auxiliary also meets the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the back room of the city hall. Membership is open to anyone whose spouse or other family member has served, or is currently serving in the milita military. New ew members are always welcome. Contact Charlotte Paulson (320) 286-2262 for membership information. Cokato Chamber of Commerce The Cokato Chamber of Commerce meets the fi rst Tuesday of every month at noon at Cokato City Hall. The Cokato Chamber is a voluntary association of business people working to improve the economic and civic vitality of both their own business/organization and the community at large. Offi cers for 2018 are Paulie Johnson, president; Chris Klieman, vice president; Jarod Sebring, treasurer; Mitch Simmons, past president; and LouAnn Worden, executive secretary. For information, contact Worden at (320) 286-5505 or lworden@cokato.mn.us. Questions may be directed to LouAnn at Cokato City Hall, (320) 286-5505. Cokato C Community ommunity Chest The Cokato Community Chest was founded in 1954, to be a team of representatives re presentatives for city organizations organization s that conduct 34 one citywide fundraiser per year on Columbus Day. The board of directors then divides div the funds fund s among the social agencies, local, and state who have req re q uested fund ˂[ˈX]\B\BBH\[ܙ[^][ۂܙ[^][ۈX\H[][]H\ \B\ۛHۙH™܋]Y܂܋]Y܈[\ZYۂ[\ZYۈ\YX\[ؙ\Hܙ[^\›ܙ[H\YY]YH]H]]H[[B[[[ ٻ H\[YH]][ۋ\Y[’H\X[KXH\Y[X\\][Xܙ]\N[\YH\^KBX\\\\\\[[ۙH[\\Y[[[[[X^B۝X[HوHٻ H\\Y \Y ]X]•H\HوHX]\ݚYHYX][ۘ[[XܙX][ۘ[X]]Y\܈[\\[Y; H BܘYH\ˈ\H\H\ۈ]^[\ \[\X\[œ[]H\[\HY]YKHX\XYH\و\[[\\[; HܘYKH[۝HYY][وH[XZ\XK[\š[Y\H; Y\[[۞KH\ۋ[ و\KHۘX˂XXܘYH][\ۛۈ\H[[[YY]›[۝H\H^HX\[[Z\ۈܛ\]\HYKX\X]KYHوHܙX]ڙXH]™XXYX\\HH[]\KZ[[[; H[œ][[\[˂\\ܙX]\\][ۈ܈\H\\Y܈B][\[Hۙ\[^H\\H[H܈B[[\وHܛ H][[][]H\XHڙX[\BۜܙYHH[Y\X[Y[ۋ\H\[XܝZ]Y[ [[ܛX][ۈ\[Y]]H[[Y[\H ۝XXX\\\H\[H] ̌ H M ܂[H]Y\[ۜX]]˂]Q\[[ۜXHH]Q\[[ۜ\HH\XKY][ܙ[^][ۂ\[][\[[][]Y\ˈ\وB\\]Xܙ[^][ۈ[Hܛ H[ۜ&H[\¸'H\K'H\H\[H\H ͈Y[X\YY][Y\H[۝ H; H[ۙ^HوXX[۝\BX[YY][ ]H\[\ܞH[\K[H\Y\^HوXX[۝\H\[\YY][˂YHوH[X[][[YHH[[[Bܘ[KY\\\X\][ۋB[ܚ[\Hܚ[]Hܛ\][ [\ܝ[]^[Y[KXX[ًB[\˂\[ٻ H\\N\Y[ܙH\XۋXܙ]\B][YHۋ[X\\\ZZHK܈[ܙB[ܛX][ۋ۝X[HY[X\YB܈\]\XXœYK]Q\[[ۜX]Q\[\HXH]Q\[\HX\ܙ[^Y[ NM ] \\Y[X\ˈ\[K\H\H Y[X\[Y]H[\H[\][ۘ[8&\[8'\XHXݙB[8'H[]\U^H\و]X[[\˂HXYY]]\H\^H]ۈ܈[[Bܘ[H]]]H[ \H\XHܙ[^][ۋHX\X\]\[]\[ٻ HX[ZYH\[ P] N LN