Dassel-Cokato Community Guide 2018 - Page 28

Cokato Chamber of Commerce These cute crayons were two of many Cokato youngsters to have a great time during the Chamber’s recent BooFest. Your hometown lumber yard! Builders Hardware Doors Windows Framing Roofi ng & Siding Your fi rst source for quality, value, and service www.bldr.com 170 Broadway Ave., Cokato 320-286-2023 28 The Cokato Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary association of business people working together to improve the economic and civic vitality in Cokato. Enhancement and beautifi cation projects throughout the city are promoted by the chamber. The chamber has changed the structure of its meeting to integrate more of a networking aspect for its members. The Cokato Chamber of Commerce promotes the city through events such as Movie In the Park at Peterson Park in Cokato, Friday, Aug. 10. This year’s movie will be “Finding Dory.” The chamber also plans and organizes the DC Expo. The chamber sponsors the annual City Wide Garage sales the last Saturday in April, and is planning BooFest, an event encouraging local business to decorate their storefronts, and hand out candy to the children of the community from 4 to 5 p.m. on or around Halloween – date to be determined. Each year, the Cokato Chamber honors an outstanding citizen for his or her work to better the community. In December, the Citizen of the Year award is presented to that individual at a special lunch meeting. The chamber meets ЁѡЁQՕ͑䁽)ѠፕЁ՝Фѡ͕ٕ Ѽ) !)Qȁٕ́ɹ䁄ٔͽᕍѥٔ)ѕ=́ȀɔAձ)ͽ)ɕͥ ɥ́-٥ɕͥ)ɽMɥ)ɕɕ5эM̰Ёɕͥ쁅1)]ɑᕍѥ͕ٔɕх丁ȁɵѥ)]ɑЀشԁȁݽɑѼ)̸)Qȁ́ѡ Ѽͥ́չ)䁅ٕѥͥѡѕɹЁݥѠѡ ȁ) ɍ ͥ́ɕѽ)=եѼ͕ Ѽ