Dallas County Living Well Magazine March/April 2018 - Page 8

Marijuana? Yoga? Kale? Surprising Myths about Glaucoma O Courtesy Key-Whitman Eye Center Glaucoma. ne of the lead- ing causes of preventable blindness in the world is Fortunately, when glaucoma is diag- nosed and treated early, vision loss can be prevented. A healthy diet and exercise can also help; however, some myths regarding certain lifestyle choic- es can be more harmful than benefi- cial. Key-Whitman Eye Center’s Arlington ophthalmologist Ronald M. Barke shared his insight on what people should and shouldn’t do when it comes to managing glaucoma. Here are some of his recommendations: DO see your eye doctor regu- larly if you’re at increased risk for glaucoma. According to Dr. Barke, age is the most important risk factor for glaucoma, but it isn’t the only one. As he explains, “Family history certainly plays a role, as do certain medical conditions, in- cluding diabetes, cardiovascular dis- ease, hypertension and rheumatologic conditions. Unhealthy eating, poor exercise habits and some certain life- style choices can also contribute to the disease.” If you’re at risk, it’s very important to have an eye doctor regularly monitor the health of the eye, because glau- coma is a silent disease. The only way to find out if you have glaucoma is through an eye exam. 6 “Glaucoma is a condition where dam- age occurs to the optic nerve in the back of the eyes, primarily due to pres- sure to the optic nerve. However, glau- coma is similar to blood pressure, in that you can’t feel the pressure. So, by the time you start losing vision, and no- tice you have a problem, it’s too late,” Dr. Barke says. DON’T smoke marijuana. Roseanne Barr and Whoopi Goldberg and other celebrities have touted the use of marijuana for their glaucoma treatment. But Dr. Barke says, not so fast. As he explains, “One of the theories as to why some people’s glaucoma progresses is bec W6RFWfRvFPfV7GVF2G&7V"&W77W&PF&VvWBFRFBg&FFFbRW6RG&VFVBFBrЦW'2&W77W&Rf"6'BGW&F0&VFW2W"&W77W&R6V@&V&VB&vB&6WBFB6V@RFRvV6v'6R( ФDVB&vBगN( 26vVFvRFBVFpVFfB2vBf"R@7W'&VB7GVFW27VvvW7BVFr6W'FfG26vW"FR&6f"vV6Ц'2V62#F3W&6VB( fG2ƖRVgw&VV2FB&RVFЦgVFFG2BVFFWF'D24TEƗfrvVvR$4$#G&FW2VFWFW"vV6( Ч62G"&&RDVWfr2vFFW"VF6FF27FfRƖfW7GR6&VGV6RFR&6`vV6f"6RVRf7B&W6V&6W'2BFRVfW'6Gb6ƒЦf&2vVW2v&WfWvVBrЧFW&FFW&6GVG2fV@FB( FR7B66ǒ7FfRfƷ0vW&Rs2W&6VBW72ƖVǒFFWfVvV6FFRV7B7FfRFfBЧV2f"V6֖WFR7&V6RFW&FRFfv&W2667FfGvVVFR&6bvV6fV'#RW&6VB( ФD( BFv fW'6FW&ॖvffW'2VF&VVfG2@fW'6FW&( 2vrW6FPFv'FRW2"fVWB( 26FvFW'2f"FR&6( Vf'GVFVǒVRvFvV66VBf@7FfFW2FB6W6R&BF'W6FFRVBB7&V6R&W77W&RFPWW2v62&Bf"vV6( Чv&2G"&&Rखb^( &RB&6f"vV6vR6আV2vF7BWRF6V6W2B6FЧF2V&ǒFv62BG&VFVB`vV62Wf"&WfVFrf6