Dallas County Living Well Magazine March/April 2018 - Page 32

KATHERINE KRAUSE Katherine is a leading voice in healthcare and senior services and the President & CEO of VNA Texas. Dear Katherine, My loved one is suffering with a terminal disease and I am struggling to care for him at home on my own. I am feeling overwhelmed. What resources are available to help me provide the care he needs? ~Stressed Out at Home Dear Katherine, I am facing a serious illness and want to continue my treatment with my current doctor. I also need help managing my symptoms at home. What are my options for care at home? ~Weighing My Options Dear Stressed Out at Home, VNA Hospice is here to help. As part of our Hospice Program, we provide 2-3 nursing visits per week as well as a social worker, chaplain, volunteer to provide respite and an aide to help your loved one with activities of daily living. It is not uncommon to have a visit from a member of your VNA team five days per week. Our social workers can also help connect you with resources should your loved one no longer be able to stay in your home. ~Katherine Dear Weighing My Options, VNA offers in-home help for those with a life- limiting illness who need help from our nurses, social workers, chaplains and aides. Medicare is piloting a new palliative care model and at VNA, this Care Choices Program allows people to seek treatment while also receiving supportive care in their home. ~Katherine N I J H 2016 Readers’ Choice ACCREDITED DiversityFIRST Recipient VNA Hospice Care VNA Care Choices VNA Hospice Care focuses on living life to its fullest and treating you with the dignity and respect you deserve. As a nonprofit, our bottom line is patient support and care provided by our highly qualified staff. Following the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness, patients and their loved ones have many questions about the best course of action. VNA Care Choices provides supportive care services in the home while continuing treatment with your current physician. To schedule your free in-home informational visit (214) 689-0000 | gethelp@vnatexas.org | vnatexas.org