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Summer 2017 • Dakota Territory Times • Page 21 TEAMWORK — Besides the carvers, Rushmore Memorial had its own baseball team. Continued from previous page — they were really creating. It was just a job to survive during a period of hard times. In spite of the hard- ships and tribulations, most Mount Rushmore workers eventually learned to appre- ciate it and were proud of their accomplishments. Out of the more than 360 who earned the distinc- tion of working on what was to become a national monument, there is only one who is known to be still living. That man is Nick Clif- ford, who lives in Rapid City. “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” featuring Mount Rushmore, was filmed on location in South Dakota. While in South Dakota, the crew spent time at Mount Rushmore Na- tional Memorial, Sylvan Lake and other locations throughout the Black Hills. “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” starred Nicolas Cage, Jon Voight, Helen Mirren, Harvey Keitel, Ed Harris, Diane Kruger and Justin Bartha. It was re- leased in December 2007. Probably the other well known film shot at Mount Rushmore was “North by Northwest,” starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint. It was filmed in 1959. The Black Hills Institute of Geological Research sup- plies fossil and dinosaur dis- plays for museums throughout the world. Yet this top-ranked scientific center also houses a public museum right here in the heart of the Black Hills. In fact, it has the world’s largest display of Tyran- nosaurus rex skulls. A new display area was completed in 1999, making this the best fossil museum in the region. The institute is located on Hill City’s Main Street and was started in 1973, as Black Hills Minerals. It was originally a supply house, handling rock, mineral and fossil specimens. As the business grew it was incor- porated as Black Hills Insti- tute of Geological Research and soon began to supply professionally prepared fos- sil specimens for research, teaching and display. The staff also provides technical assistance and consultations to museums and universities. These folks know dinosaurs! They have set standards used around the world for fossil prepara- tion. The institute also provides educational publications, school displays and scien- tific information about pale- ontology to the general public. Housed in the same build- ing is the Black Hills Mu- seum of Natural History. The museum is open to the public. Several fossils are set up and displays are var- ied as different projects are completed. Rare minerals of breathtaking beauty are also featured. The extensive inventory at the museum includes fossils from the White River Olig- icene beds, the Eocene Green River Formation and the Western Interior Creta- ceous Formation, as well as wide-ranging displays from around the world. If you’ve ever wanted to see the skull of a Tyran- nosaurus rex up close, or a complete duck-billed Ed- montosaurus annectens skeleton, the Black Hills In- stitute of Geological Re- search in Hill City has the best displays in the world. The museum is open Monday through Sunday. Everything Prehistoric Gift Shop has several specimens for sale, along with many dinosaur related items. Great fun for the kids here!