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----By Bob Hayes, Keystone histo- rian My story of President Calvin Coolidge comes from stories told by my parents and other acquain- tances and from what I have read. Gutzon Borglum coerced Pres- ident Coolidge to participate in the formal dedication of the carv- ing of Mount Rushmore. The topography between Key- stone and the mountain is very rugged due to dense forests and brush, granite outcroppings and a steep terrain to gain the approxi- mately 1,000 feet in elevation from Keystone to the base of the mountain. The distance from Keystone was approximately three miles. There were no improved roads and only a trail leading to the mountain. Paul Hazeltine of Key- stone provided the saddle horses for the president and his party for the last segment of his journey from Keystone to the top of the mountain. From two to three thousand people gathered at the base of the mountain for the formal dedica- tion. The president gave an ad- dress at the inauguration of work on the mountain. This was his first formal address in the Black Hills after his arrival in mid June. Other speakers were Gov. Bulow and, of course, Borglum. Historians disagree on details of the inauguration. They have recorded the president handed Borglum four pieces of drill steel to start the carving and Borglum scampered to the top of the moun- tain and was lowered down the shear face of the mountain where he drilled four holes to outline the bust of George Washington. Reviewing movies from the archives, it is obvious the presi- dent handed Borglum six pieces of drill steel rather than four. The majority of the people who attended the inauguration Aug. 10, 1927, walked the three miles to the base of the mountain and re- turned the same way. A MONUMENTAL MOMENT — President Calvin Coolidge dedicates Mount Rushmore National Memorial in 1927. It was Aug. 2, 1927, the fourth anniversary of President Coolidge taking the oath of office. He an- nounced his famous message, “I do not choose to run for president in 1928.” Some historians main- tain the president made this an- nouncement from the Summer White House, the State Game Lodge. This apparently is not true, as he made this statement in Rapid City from his office wh 6v2Ц6FVBFR&B6Gv666V'W27G&VWBv6v2FW"6VBFR6ƖFvP'VFrB266R&VV&VB22vFVv'VBFPvRFvRv2FR&W6FVN( 0f6rwVFRv2FR&W6FV@6fRFBRFBBrFPf6vW&RG&VB&WGvVVWG2V6VBbGv֖R6V7F`7Vr7&VVBv2&Vp7F6VBf"2VVCvFVFW6vVBFRfW2rЧF'&FvW2&VF&BB6FW6vVB&"ЦvV( 27B7GVFv667WW0FRFV2bFRfW"'W7G2@VB'W6&RFR7F'2&VVFBЧFW2&WBFR&W6FVBB'26ƖFvRGFVFr6W&6W"Ц6f"FRf'7BFRFR6W"Цv2FVƗfW&VB'&ƗV#זV"BVF6֗2Ч6'7GVFVBFRf'7B6W&আRWfW"&V6VBƗVW7BfP&VV66FV&FR&W6ЦFVBvVB&RGFVF6Rf 2f'7B6W&RW7BfPVBWvV2FW"Rv2ЧfFVBFFR7VW"vFRW6P'FR&W6FVBधVǒB#rv2FR&W6ЦFVN( 2SWF&'FFFR&66WBG&b7W7FW"FR7W7FW VFVBG&VFW"FRVFW"Ч6bFR&Wb6&6R&RЧ6VFVBFR&W6FVBvFF&Vv'&VB6FFR6FFR'&FR62&G2B7W'2FP&Wb6RB6&VBFW&6ƖFW2b6&6R"FpFR&V2FFR&W6FVBGW&rג6VvRV'2&B6G&VBFR'VVRBRvW7B&VWf&BF22FRRbFRFRVFvP6&W2'VVfVFW"BvW bFR'VV'VFrBFR6&W bwFB7B6W7G&VWG2FPw&FFVvFW"bVFvR'VV&F66W"BW"W6&B''fR7VB6WfW&V'0&W7F&rFR'VVW6RFWfRFR6RF&R6@6fW"FBVFvRB'26&W0'VVVFW'FVB&W6FVB6fBw&6R6ƖFvRBwWGB'&&vVvFDTD4DTB( BV&ǒFR&V7BWv2&BFfBFW7FP&&vV( 2&֗6RFBV7FW&'W6W76VvVBvFǒP&vRFF2R6&֗6VBFR6FV2b6WFFFF@FWvVBB&R&W76&Rf"rf"bFRVF6'frFR7VW"b#r&W6FVB6f6ƖFvRv2FP&62B&&vVv2rf&FVF6FbFPVF&&vV&VBRFfǒfW"FR7FFRvRFvP7W7FW"7FFR&vW&R6ƖFvRv27Fr2RfWrfW"&&vVG&VBw&VFFfFRFR&W6FVBFFRFVF6F6W&V&W6FVB6ƖFvRw&VVBFGFVBFR6W&VgFW"&WF&VBg&6&VW"0֖rVvVW"v&VBP6V6BVB'W6&R2খFW'&WFF&vW"vfRvRЦv2FW"6RFBvfPFRf6F'26vBFBFWW&2FBBvWBg&FW &vW"ऒFVBWBFBFR&V&RЧGvVVFR7GVFBFR&&vVХfWrFW'&6Rv2FR6ƖFvPFW'&6RfRWfW"V&BЦRV6R&VfW"FF2&V2FP6ƖFvRFW'&6RF22FR6P6FvW&RFR&W6FVBvfP2FG&W72Vr#rऒ6VBGFVFFFR&VWFЦgVWF7&bfVG7"BFW ֖W&2F2&VFBFRf2ЦF'2FBbBvVBBfR&VVf"VB'W6&RF2FPvVB6W'FǒfR&VV֖V@f"fVG7"BFW"7G&FVv0֖W&27V62&W'֖6FЧFVWF2v6vW&R6W76VЧFFFRv"Vff'BGW&rv&@v"W&2FR֖W&vVF&VrFR6ƖFvRFW"Ч&6RBFRVF2&PfV&RFFRVF&R67B`6'frVB'W6&R66&FrFFR6&6R`FR&W6FVN( 27FFR&62R&V6VfVBVW&W2fЧFF2BWG6FRbFR7FFPbv6R&VFǒFB@fRFRFRF66WB&VFǒ&&vVv2f"ЧGVFRFW'7VFRFR&W6FVBF'F6FRFRVwW&F6W"ЦVBVB'W6&RW"Ц2F2v2FR6FǗ7BFBv0VVFVBF7F'BFR6'frV&W7B&V6W6RFW&RvW&R琧vFVvBF2v2&W7FW"ЦW2FVBvVBfR7FV@F2G&VV'F&VBFW6R&RfWrbגVЧ&W0`&W6FV@6f