Dakota Territory Times 2017 DTT 2017 - Page 14

Jewel Cave exploration continues Page 14 • Dakota Territory Times • Summer 2017 According to local history, Jewel Cave was discovered by Burdett Parks in the spring of 1886. A cowboy from a neigh- boring ranch, Parks and his brother en- larged the natural opening of the cave and removed a wagonload of calcite crystals. These crystals were donated to the 1895 World's Fair; from these “jewels” the cave took its name. Another version of the cave discovery credits six boys who noticed wind blowing from a four-inch hole in the canyon wall. A third report, dated July of 1895, credits Felix Michaud with giving private cave tours complete with lanterns, candles and pole ladders. Around the turn of the century, Felix Michaud's sons, Albert and Frank, dyna- mited a larger opening to the cave. Later they opened a new entra