Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 83

spreads in a single day. For these reasons, teal become educated extremely quickly, adding to their already jittery behavior. Adam Campbell of Louisville, Kentucky gets his fair share of bluewings in the late summer period, but does so by going against the grain, and matching the birds. “I tend to stay away from full plumage drakes, as we get mainly blue-winged teal, and the males are not in plumage.” Campbell’s teal spread is meager in comparison to those of the honker hunters. “I only use 6 to 12 decoys and a single spinning wing decoy,” he says. Teal are generally suckers for motion, and the spinner helps draw them in from long distances. In jurisdictions where spinners are illegal, a jerk string can often be magic to teal that otherwise buzz around without committing. Decoy placement is important, especially as it relates to shooting angles for each hunter in the blind. To maximize your take on teal, have as many barrels on them as possible once they get in close. Dee Draper has it down to a science. “I prefer to shoot finishing birds crossing, not facing,” says Draper, who does so by utilizing clumps of decoys, spaced with numerous landing holes in between. He hunts from a crosswind set-up, so landing birds approach from left to right, or right to left, rather than directly toward Draper’s hiding area. This focuses the birds on the decoys, rather than on the hunters. Do it right, and as the birds settle into the landing zones, each member of the hunting party is presented with an easy shot directly in front, maxi- mizing the barrel-to-bird ratio. Novice waterfowl hunters imagine skies filled with stupid birds during the early season. Veterans, however, know the truth: Often times, the jig is up by day two. To prolong opening-day success levels for weeks to come, take a lesson from the birds. Focus on what’s most important to them. And remember, all eyes are on the decoys. • Skeeter WX2060 HUNTERS! Bring in your wild game meat for some of the... “ Best Tasting Sausage In The Area! ” All orders are kept separate. No Mixing. We do all types of sausages, jerky, sticks, brats, venison bacon & much more! (We accept boned-out meat only) s! Steak Fresh Casi Seasonngs & ings! See Weekly Specials on Facebook! DW MEATS & SAUSAGE 1103 South 12th St. Bismarck, ND (701) 255-2381 www.dwmeatsandsausage.com www.dakotacountrymagazine.com Skeeter WX2060 9.9 Yamaha, Lowrance HDS-12, Ulterra 112, 4 bank charger, Keel guard included! just... $60,495 after $1,500 Rebate. Plus freight & prep. www.DougsAnchorMarine.com Watertown, South Dakota (605) 886-2828 Dakota Country, October 2016, Page 83