Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 69

could. This proved to be difficult, while taking a new position in my hometown that same summer. However, I managed to still snag a handful of photos of this buck through the summer, the last of which taken on the morning of July 22. The remainder of the summer went on without another photo of him, although other nice deer made appearances, keeping my anticipation high. Saturday, October 17. I had all but given up hope at this point, as I still hadn’t caught a single additional picture of the buck since the July 22 photo, let alone seen him. Sitting in my tree stand, I’d convinced myself the buck moved to a different property or had succumbed to the pavement gods. A different buck I had photos of showed up and I, unfortunately, made a horrible shot and hit him in the front shoulder, only getting 3-4” of penetration. After calling in my father and friend Phil to help look for this deer, we walked and crawled every inch it seemed of the area and weren’t able to find a single drop of blood. The next day, I decided to go back in and look again. After nearly 5 hours of searching, I determined this buck couldn’t have been hurt too badly and was still out there somewhere, healing. Before leaving I switched memory cards in my trail cameras and headed home, heavy with disappointment. That night, going through the photos on the card, I screamed so loud it gave my cat and dog lifelong social issues. There he was, standing exactly where we had been crawling and searching only a couple hours before. The buck was back! The last part of October was spent waiting impatiently from 8-5 on weekdays and hunting nights and weekends. He was starting to show up more and more on camera, but I could never pick the right day to see him in person. It seemed that if I worked late and didn’t hunt, he’d show up. If I took off early to hunt, he’d all but disappear. Even on weekends, I just couldn’t win this game of cat and mouse in which I was now full engaged. Even through prime time, the first week of November, I was unable to position myself to get www.dakotacountrymagazine.com in front of this dang deer! I was exhausted and tired, and at this point figured I’d give it up and go back at him with my rifle in a week and a half when East River Deer Season opened. The night of November 10, I sat home wondering what I should do the next day, which I had off from work. My buddy Phil got contacted me, wondering if I was going to go back at it in the morning, knowing full well it was set to be a perfect morning -overcast, cool and a slight breeze. I explained to him that I was tired and worn out, and being the good friend he is, he gave me a quote I won’t ever forget: “Don’t let misfortune ruin your time”. My alarm sang at 4:00 a.m. and I was on my way out to the tree stand. Overcast as it was, it was just starting to get light. A young white-tailed buck quietly made his way past my stand, enjoying the morning and the pursuit of a doe in heat. Allowing him time to clear the area, I grabbed my rattling horns and snort-wheeze and let out a short sequence. Almost immediately, I could hear what sounded like a buck rubbing his horns on Enjoy great food at these DEVILS LAKE restaurants! Mr. & Mrs. J’s Highway 2 East (701) 662-8815 • Devilicious Food Bar • Mexican Menu • Breakfast Anytime Old Main Street Cafe Downtown 4th St. • Soup Bar • Steaks • Prime Rib • Full Bar • Great Food • Great Service! Jeff & Brenda Huber, Owners - Devils Lake, ND Dakota Country, October 2016, Page 69