Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 68

Adventures in Deer Hunting Don’t let misfortune E ruin your time by Jason Stone Every year prior to fall archery season, I find myself wondering, daydreaming and developing new aspirations for the upcoming hunt. I hate to admit it, and I’m hoping several people can relate, but many times this happens while working 8 to 5. Many times, in the heat of the season’s cat-and-mouse games with a big ol’ buck, I’ll strike up a good thought or tactic, only to have the rest of the day drag on endlessly. In an area surrounded by public land and properties with several other deer hunters, we often start with a clean slate each year on the potential. In mid-May, I put out a few trail cameras in hope of getting a good idea of the number of deer still on the property after the long winter and before miles of cornfields are planted and grown. Page 68, Dakota Country, October 2016 In May of 2015, the routine got off to a normal start, setting trail cameras in anticipation. The exception being I was actually hoping to find one buck in particular still waiting on another mentally brutal (at least to me) match of cat-and-mouse. Two weeks went by and I let my anticipation get the better of me. I started to check on my dream-catchers (trail cameras). After having so much fun sorting through thousands of pictures of the beautiful grasses and cedars of South Dakota, my heart skipped a beat, as something out of, at least my ordinary, caught my attention. He’s alive… and bigger! The remainder of what I now believe to be the longest summer on record was spent trying to catch as many photos of this rascal as I www.dakotacountrymagazine.com