Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 62

are appropriately listed under the “Licensing” category, although they could be included in their respective categories under “Fishing” and “Small Game”. Anyway, in the Licensing category, where hunting, fishing trapping without a license is listed, that violation consistently comprises 40 percent of all citations issued. The most citations for no license were issued in 2012, when 339 were written, which made up 48 percent of the infractions in that category. Timian expresses concern for the high number of citations issued for fishing without a license, especially considering the low cost. He said the department is “working on different approaches that may work to increase compliance and decrease fishing without a license violations.” Poaching/Shining There’s no specific category for “Poaching” under the Enforcement Division’s annual report, but it’s assumed those incidents are included under the Big Game category. Shining, mostly involving deer of course, is also a problem. Speaking of the ups and downs of shining incidents in North Dakota Outdoors recently, Timian said, “In 2015, we observed one of these spikes in illegal hunting at night with lights. Several years ago when I was a new game warden, shining was all too common and we spent a lot of enforcement time and effort on this. Over the years, shining, while never gone, seemed to decline to the point where we were not finding the number of violators, and those we did find were typically in localized areas.” He added that shining cases more than doubled in 2014 to 2015, and occurred generally across the state. Always Garbage One other violation category that puzzles game wardens and also the general public is littering. For such a citation to stick, a littering offense must be caught in the act, which is often very difficult. Littering violations are listed in the annual report, under “General”, a category that includes several violations. Littering citations comprise nearly 20 percent of the total from that category on a consistent basis. In 2015, of 315 citations issued under “General”, which included nearly 15 separate categories, some 51 littering violations were noted. It’s easy to suspect much of that came from western North Dakota in the Bakken fields, where littering is a major problem. For comparison, the number of citations issued in fiscal 1995-96 tallied 1,624, well under the 2,000 mark of today and the record 2,712 of 2014. Interestingly however, the aforementioned categories were also in the lead 20 years ago – no license, illegal deer tagging, inadequate number of PFDs on a watercraft, exceeding game and fish limits, and loaded weapons in vehicles. Some things just don’t change. • RISOVI TAXIDERMY STUDIO (www.RisoviTaxidermyStudio.com) 1116 3rd AVE NORTH NEW ROCKFORD, ND (701) 947-2048 Page 62, Dakota Country, October 2016 www.dakotacountrymagazine.com