Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 58

pheasant hunting gives their economy. They have been pro-active in creating and maintaining year-round pheasant habitat. The end result is that South Dakota has become the premier pheasant hunting destination in the world. That said, each of my opening day hunts in South Dakota have been successful with 2014 being the most memorable. The Triple -- Oct. 18, 2014 I was hunting with friends and we began at noon as prescribed by regulations. It was a clear, blue sky day with the temperature in the 60s. The hunt began as we walked a quarter-mile long shelter belt with blockers posted at the end. I was one of the walkers. As we neared the end of the belt roosters began to flush in front of my two Brittanys, Penny and Amie. On the left, two roosters took to the air, one behind the other and I shot them both. Before they Great Fall Fishing! Pheasant Hunting! 605-889-2448 Bar • C-Store • Bait • Gas 2 Miles SW of Pollock, SD on 1804 NEW OWNERSHIP! hit the ground, another rooster burst into flight, heading to the right. I swung on him, shot, and he folded. Penny and Amie quickly found the three majestic ringnecks and I had a daily bag limit. The best I can recall, this was the first time I shot three roosters in three shots from one spot without moving. It was 12:15 p.m. and I had my limit -- a triple. Why was this particular opening day hunt so successful? The reason was pheasants were so plentiful. The abundance of ringnecks in the fall of 2014 where this hunt took place had the two major ingredients that allow pheasants to thrive -- habitat and mild weather patterns. First, the necessary habitat was present that allowed hen pheasants to survive the previous winter and successfully nest in spring. Second, the winter weather had been temperate, enabling hens to go into the nesting season in good condition, and spring weather was moderate, permitting pheasant chicks to get a good start. In conclusion, opening day in South Dakota has become a special Saturday for many hunters, even if it’s not a holiday, considering the fact South Dakota declared the Chinese ring-necked pheasant their official state bird in 1943. Why not just go all the way and enact legislation to make Rooster Rush a state holiday? If such a holiday was established, it’s my opinion a shotgun loaded with shells filled with confetti should be fired at noon to signify the beginning of the celebration. • PIZZA CORNER Enjoy a Great Hunt! 4 Hunting & Fishing Information 4 Cabins for Rent 4 Full Service All Season Resort 4 Great Ice Fishing & Coyote Hunting 4 Bow Hunting In Missouri Breaks 4 RV Parking Available HUNTING & FISHING AT IT’S BEST! Page 58, Dakota Country, October 2016 Frozen Pizza We Sell Quality Convenience & Service Motel • Cafe • Grocery • Taverns “YOUR HOMETOWN PIZZA” 1-800-666-9455 www.dakotacountrymagazine.com