Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 33

turned 20,000 acres of his land into the PLOTS program. “When technology is used incorrectly it can often lead to the replacement of learned ability and skill, and it seems that when too much learned ability/ skill is eliminated, it impacts the idea of fair chase, which is why most of us were drawn to the bowhunting.” Jason Wright, of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV. “The need is real. Nationally, participation rates are in decline, especially with hunting. Wyoming has not seen a precipitous decline like is occurring in states to the east. But across the nation the trend continues that fewer people are going outside, being active and connecting with the natural world. This is greatly concerning.” Scott Talbott, director, Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. “This is probably the most walleyes ever produced at a single hatchery anywhere in the country. Only one time in the past 20 years has 10 million fingerlings been reached.” Jerry Weigel, ND Game and Fish biologist, talking about the 10.4 million walleye fingerlings stocked in state waters this year. “We can’t sustain duck populations without having good relationships with farmers and ranchers.” Delta Waterfowl vice president, John Devney. 258-5001 Bismarck, ND “I’ve been calling hunters today. That’s been a lot of fun -a lot of people screaming on the phone. They usually go quiet for a few seconds.” ND game biologist Brett Wiedmann, referring to notification early last month of seven lucky once-in-a-lifetime recipients of prized bighorn sheep licenses. “These animals are not tame. They’re wild and totally unpredictable.” Custer (SD) State Park Superintendent Matt Snyder, after 5 horseback riders were attacked by a large bull buffalo last summer. All were knocked off their horses, none was hurt. “We realize the state is undergoing some financial turmoil with the currently depressed oil market. That does not mean we cannot plan for the future. We need this plan in place so we can capitalize when opportunities are presented and maintain our state’s great outdoor heritage.” Mike McEnroe, president of the North Dakota Wildlife Federation, in a letter to Gov. Jack Dalyrmple proposing a plan to 1 million acres of new wildlife habitat back in place in the state. “Behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town.” Old West Proverb “Study after study has shown that hen (pheasant) hunting does not harm pheasant populations. Pheasants are short-lived birds. The average annual mortality with or without hunting is 60-70 percent. That means a percentage of hens each autumn is surplus to maintaining the next year’s population.” Bruce Auchly, writing in Montana Outdoors magazine. “There’s no plan for how to deal with it in place. Right now it’s pretty piecemeal.” Rod Backman of Covenant Consulting Group on the lack of a development plan in the Bakken oil patch. Continued... “We can’t drink oil. Keep it in the soil.” A popular chant among the Native American demonstrators near Cannonball, ND, on the Dakota Ac cess Pipeline project. “Unseen, the Badlands cannot be imagined, but once seen, can neither be described nor forgotten.” Our specialty is all-breed gun dog & obedience training Boarding & Doggie Daycare Select & Super Puppy English Cocker Spaniel & English Springer Spaniel Pups Ready! www.absolutegundogs.com www.dakotacountrymagazine.com Lewis F. Crawford, superintendent of the North Dakota Historical society in 1922. • Picnic Area • Outdoor Plug-Ins • Ample Parking • Freezer Space • Microwaves/Refrigerators in all rooms • In-Room Coffee • Free Wireless Internet • Cable TV (701) 662-4927 Highway 2 West DEVILS LAKE, ND www.DavisMotel.com Dakota Country, October 2016, Page 33