Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 30

r e s o r t on legendary Lake Audubon! GREAT FISHING & HUNTING! Restaurant & Grill, Bar & Lounge, On & Off Sale, Bait & Tackle, Fuel, Cabins, (4) Unit Motel, RV Sites & More! Join Us this Fall for Another Great Hunting Season! Best Hamburgers & Pizzas In North America! Totten Trail Resort 701-337-2070 Hwy 83 North on Lake Audubon Mon-Sat 11am-1am Sun Noon-1am Gibbons tell Denbury to clean up its mess and get the hell out of here.” He didn’t. And all of those spills listed above -- violations of our laws -- have occurred since then. The good news is, we’re going to have a new governor in just over two months. Maybe the next one will listen. And Denbury is just one bad actor. If I wanted to forego the fall bite on the Missouri, and pheasant season, I could go through the Health Department’s website looking to see how other companies I’ve heard about -- Oasis and Continental, to name two -- compare. But there’s some things even I don’t want to know. What we DO know is, as I said before: Pipelines Leak. Meanwhile, I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that by the time you read this in October, the courts will tell us the fate of the Dakota Access Pipeline. I think, grudgingly, that we need that pipeline. In the end, in spite of the dangers we know about, it’s probably still the safest and most efficient way to get our oil to where it needs to be. But will it cross Lake Oahe? Does it really need to? Or can it seek another route? The brave men and women of the Standing Rock Nation have taken their stand. I admire them for it, because, they’re taking a stand for all of us who value the water of Lake Oahe and all it provides. My friend Clay Jenkinson says it best on his blog, clayjenkinson. com: “It would be quite simple to accommodate the deep concerns of the Standing Rock Nation. The non-Indian community loses nothing fundamental in bringing a new spirit of generosity to bear on this.” The accommodation, that “new spirit of generosity” that Clay and David Swenson, his partner on a radio show called The Thomas Jefferson Hour, have suggested, is this: If the pipeline is important (it probably is) and if it is indeed safe (it probably is), then, as a show of good faith by the non-Indian community, move it. Instead of putting it across what might be sacred native ground (more cultural sites are being found along the pipeline’s path every day, it seems), let it cross the Missouri River just north of Bismarck, as was once proposed. Hmmmm. • Jim Fuglie is a former ND Tourism Director who grew up hunting and fishing in southwest North Dakota. He is retired and lives in Bismarck, and spends much of his time exploring the back roads and trails of the Bad Lands. Fiberglass & Aluminum Boat Repair 3035 E. Broadway Ave Bismarck, North Dakota (701) 224-0656 or (800) 424-0656 See Us For Your Fiberglass & Aluminum Boat Repair Needs & Do It Yourself Repair Supplies! w w w. g i b b o n s f i b e r g l a s s . c o m Page 30, Dakota Country, October 2016 www.dakotacountrymagazine.com