Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 110

LAST CAST It’s bad out, really bad out, and ducks are coming in. It’s blowing, raining, snowing, and a tough customer, hereafter referred to as T.C., is getting going, going decoy throwing. And T.C. is screwing up. T.C. is too-burdening his beat-up boat, the one that leaks a little, with a motor and gas tank, with decoys, guns, shells, jumpy dog Jasper, thermos bottle, lunch, case of Schnooks beer, waders and his own considerable bulk. He is piling the stuff too high, too. T.C. is also pumping shells into his 12-gauge, in case a big ‘ol greenhead goes by. He’s sitting on a cushion, his personal flotation device. This tough customer has no need of matches, compass, survival blanket, life jacket. He can see the weather, he has no need of forecast. Meanwhile, Jasper is bouncing all over the place. Nor has T.C. told anyone where he’s headed. He’s wearing his bib overalls and longjohns with insulating capacity of an open window. He left the oars in the back of his pickup. When the next roll is called up yonder, old T.C.’ll be there, one way or the other. • Page 110, Dakota Country, October 2016 www.dakotacountrymagazine.com