Dakota Country Magazine October 2016 Edition - Page 104

NEW PRODUCTS Tenzing’s New TZ BVB 16 Bird Vest Tenzing invented the modern upland hunting vest in 2013, when they replaced decades-old designs and materials with the high-tech TZ BV13 Upland Bird Vest. Part hunting pack and part vest, the innovative design was perfected last year with the release of the refined TZ BV15. For 2016, the better upland hunting vest now appeals to an even wider range of upland hunters. The all-new Tenzing TZ BVB 16 Bird Vest in Blaze wraps the proven design in copious amounts of safe and visually satisfying blaze orange. The one-of-kind TZ BVB 16 takes all the features upland hunters want in a vest and combines them with the functionality of a pack to provide the ultimate bird-hunting accessory. Like all Tenzing packs, the TZ BVB 16 is a dream to wear, courtesy of its thick, air-cooled back pad and fully-adjustable padded shoulder and waist belt straps. Two sizes are offered to ensure a proper fit on almost any hunter. Learn more at (www.tenzingoutdoors.com). NEW Avian-X Topflight Sleeper/ Preener Mallards Sold in packs of six, Axian-X Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards include amazingly lifelike depictions of two hen and two drake mallards preening, as well as a pair of the most realistic sleeper mallards to ever grace your decoy spread. When mixed with Avian-X Topflight Open Water and Back Water Mallards (available in Axian-X’s Fusion 6-Pack combination), Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards complete the most convincing spread a duck will ever see. Don’t be surprised when you do a double-take yourself, thinking real mallards slipped into the spread when you weren’t looking. Learn more at www.zinkcalls. com and (www.avian-x.com). No Scent, No Shine, No Sound All-NEW Ameristep Element Blind with NS3 Technology. The Element’s remarkable new NS3 Carbon Enhanced Fabric combines a quiet and dull, brushed micro-fiber exterior with a carbon-enhanced, black ShadowGuard interior laminate. Super soft and quiet inside and out, NS3 stands for no scent, no shine and no sound. It’s extraordinary not only because of the way it helps attenuate scent and sound, but also because it defies shine and accepts printing like no other blind fabric available. The result? The Element Blind’s Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage finish stands out with incredible clarity, lending this blind unmatched hi-definition concealment. Of course, a row of sewn-in brush loops is provided around the Element’s perimeter just below the roofline for supplemental camouflage with local vegetation. www.ameristep.com. A Cabin by the Lake Prose by people of the Dakotas, about places of the Dakotas, is always popular. Included is the newest book by Debi S. Nelson of Minot, A Cabin by the Lake. The book reflects familiar topics including grandparents’ life in and around the cabin, the seasons of the prairie, wildlife, summer on the lake and more. A Cabin by the Lake centers around a life that many people wish they had, but for various reason couldn’t. The book shares that life, and for those who have enjoyed cabin life, many of the topics explore adventures familiar to them. Nelson has always loved to write about what she sees around her, particularly moose, which have captivated her interests. She’s proud to share her observations of cabin life and nature, and memories of her family in that environment. Email Nelson at: starrbright@midco.net Page 104, Dakota Country, October 2016 New Catch Cover Handle Trap New for 2016, the Handle Trap holds Catch Cover lid handles down for added safety and easier cleaning. Simply press the Handle Trap into the Catch Cover lid to lock the handle in the down position; preventing stubbed toes, tripping, and ATVs from breaking handles. Molded from super durable Sarlink® material, the Handle Trap is easy to install and remove, and prevents dirt and debris from gathering in the handle cavity when sweeping the floor. Like all Catch Cover products, the Handle Trap is made in Minnesota and backed by the Catch Cover No-Question Guarantee. For more information contact Catch Cover, 218-454-4760 (www.catchcover.com). The Ultimate Deer Stand by Deer Stands Direct Our goal is for you to experience the excitemene, gratification, and many great memories of this wonderful sport in one of our stands. Available in 5 sizes: The Ultimate 8x8 Octagon, The Ultimate 6x6 Octagon and the Ultimate 5x5 Octagon. Amsih craftsmanship and quality; Buy the finest. Meets the needs of the avid hunter. Call for a free brochure (320) 630-1079 or visit (www.deerstandsdirect.com). 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