Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 9

Little People A s the month of September comes in, it marks the start of yet another school year. Principals, Teachers and to some extent students are all exited to get back to their respective roles. The opening days are chaotic with everyone settling into their new class and routine for the year. With soldier like precision, there is movement from one class to the next, lunch break and yes a little playtime in between. However, the scene is playing out in your school, I know it is similar to mine. I am embarking on my final year in high school, which means final exams are awaiting me. This might be the same for you. T he challenge for those of us with one foot in high school and the other in college. I say do your best. Apply yourself, study hard and my hope and prayer if for you to have a successful school year and all the best to those who will be doing the college tour in a few short months. So, to my fellow students a pleasant, productive and successful school year. Toni 9