Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 8

Business Savvy LGBT Chamber of Commerce Rev Carmen Hernandez The NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a not-for profit 501 (c) (6) whose purpose is to assist in and facilitate economic development opportunities for LGBT in business and minority businesses, in the borough of the Bronx and in New York City and out of New York City. The mission of the NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to foster economic development opportunities for LGBT businesses in the Bronx and New York City. It is our hope to increase the visibility and strengthen the place of LGBT in business in the global economy, starting with our borough. We are committed to providing the necessary information and resources to our community in order to ensure their success and endurance, while assisting in removing barriers and creating new opportunities for minority businesses. Historically known for its predominant LGBT population, the dynamics of the Bronx and New York City are undeniably changing, as our community is preparing for rapid growth and development. This phenomenon is especially present in the LGBT business community as alliances are being forged and barriers removed. We intend to partner and work with government, corporate and small businesses, indi- viduals, and organizations in order to assist in bringing about further development and opportunities that will assist LGBT businesses in being a viable competitor in the global market. Email: NYCLGBTCHAMBERC@MSN.COM Website: WWW.NYCLGBTCC.COM Contact: 1-347-547-6300 8