Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 6

Editor’s Note As we go through the process of life and living, we are all privy to the experiences of so many. I Some of us ignore them, others acknowledge them as passing thoughts and many of us are willing to learn from the experiences of others, in the hopes that others too; might learn from ours. write this column with a heart full of gratitude, after having As you leaf through and read the articles, admire the pictures or gone through a year of trials and triumphs, mostly tritry something new. Do so knowing that you have the power to umphs, which help to create in me, a deeper sense of self impact someone’s life, be it directly or indirectly. and knowing. Life is dynamic and it is the wonderful life experiences that makes the dynamism of life so uplifting and worth treasuring. The stories I get to tell on the pages of this publication, inspire me to reach higher, dream bigger and live life fully, freely, without boundaries, fear or favor. In our little neck of the woods, going through the motions of life and living, someone is looking on. Be mindful of your actions, words and deeds. They have the power to effect change, one way or another. The individuals who contribute to this magazine are wonderful and their contributions are what makes each issue so unique. Maria Life is glorious, go on out and live. 6