Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 34

People, Places and Perspectives D emocratic Presidential Candidate , Hillary Clinton once said “it takes a village to raise a child.” On the surface it appears to be a simple statement. But in context, it is a profound statement. We need each other. We are independent, dependent as well as interdependent. No one has ever made it in the world alone. All have stood on the shoulders of others, individually and collectively to change our lot in life, thus changing the world around us for the better. The picture above is a snap shot of a few of the women, myself included, who are members of the National Council of Women of the United States. It takes the village of women and men, to shed light on major areas of great concern for women. It cannot be done by one or two organizations. The problems will not be fixed overnight. However, the courage to show empathy and do that which we can, is a step in the right direction. We have to start somewhere. Why not here? Why not me? The word is love. Maria This organization has consultative status at the United Nations. The work they do reaches far beyond the walls of their office. The struggles women face are many as they are varied, colorful, painful and mind boggling. It takes the work of this organization along with many others of its kind, to go out and gather information about every possible issue to be presented to the United Nations as part of that Organizations Global mission and outreach. The events we attend is to show solidarity with them and do our part to represent the women who are not being heard and whose voices must be heard. It is through networking, outside of the regular work hours that we are all able to sit, listen and talk about the issues facing women, which are not readily available on social media and are not being adequately addressed by main stream media. 34