Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 32

Remember When Monica Morgan Wedderburn Wow, how lucky we are! D o you remember when there were so many things that women were not able to do, or shall I say, allowed to do. Were we unable to do these wonderful things or were we uneducated because we were not even allowed to be educated by our fathers/parents because it would be a waste of money. After all, we would only end up being the mothers of the same people who would continue to throw the revolving decimal of uselessness on us or so they think. While we were washing, cooking, cleaning and doing the most beautiful thing, making babies, we were also thinking how to have a more fulfilling and better life. Well let us see what the outcome of underestimating a woman turns out to be. We are close approaching the time when we are about to elect the first Female President in the United States and guess whose vote they are concerned about; the female. There was a time when we were not able to express our feelings about politics not to mention voting. Suddenly we are such important players, in a game far too long dominated by males. Let us take for instance how long women have fought for their rights. Look at five countries who have had successful female leaders. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, Indira Gandhi of India, Golda Meir of Israel, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, Margaret Thatcher of England, Angela Merkel of Germany and they have all done their jobs efficiently and professionally. Theresa May has now been appointed Prime Minister of England and we in America now a have a female Presidential contender. What brilliant achievement. It is a fact that there are presently more college graduated women than men. Of course men are still feeling insecure by holding on to the purse strings and not paying us what we are worth. Look out guys, remember, we are not quitters but strong patient people who will not stop until we get equal payment for doing more work and sometimes being treated with impunity. Think of it we can now vote, we can afford to maintain a home and look after our children financially and otherwise. We are no longer dependent on the salary from the male in the household. I am certainly not a male hater but I am bringing to attention that women have fought their way for their identity and we should not settle but continue to pursue a fair and prosperous life whether we are black, white, other, educated, overweight or underweight, just do not judge us and misplace us. We have toiled for our freedom and plan to soar in leaps and bounds. No words, walls or boundaries will hold us back. I applaud the men who elect to be the stay at home husband today. This is displaying strength and security and showing respect for women who can go out and provide for the bread basket. These men certainly do not feel that the woman's place is in the home, but in the workplace feeling confident with her choice. We have come a long way. There is still a longer way to go. But for now, we honor and celebrate the achievements thus far. Monica Morgan Wedderburn: Author of : Adventures with Bilari and PlimPlim My Heart and Soul of Many Colors 32