Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 31

Set a goal, then set another. Embrace change. Easier said than done, right? As much as we may want or desperately need change in our lives, when it actually starts to happen, we resist. We revert back to old habits and selfsabotage, because change and growth is sometimes temporarily uncomfortable. It requires one to sometimes take a leap of faith and keep moving forward despite the failures and setbacks. It requires one to self-reflect and admit that things are just not working out, and to now actively work daily towards changing yourself or your environment. Always picking the wrong type of man? Feeling stuck in one dead-end job after the other? Life has a way of serving you up the same lessons over and over until you have finally mastered them. Setting goals allows you to think beyond what’s right front of you, helps you to identify your strengths, weakness, and distractions. It gives you a plan of action to do daily, weekly and so ۋ[[[H\XYX\XKHYX\\XXH[]HH[YH[Z] ܚ]B[HۋܙX]HH\[ۈ\܈[K[[XH]Y]\H[H[]]Z[KZ[H\ܝ\[K[H[[HX]ZX\Y\]\H[\[HYY[H]HHY[HY\[ž[Hۈ[ۙH^K][HH\\BY[܋܈[ۛ[Hܛ\ ]Y]\[B\[[\[] H\H]8&\Y[ۙH\][\ۈZ\X[\˂B