Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 24

Health & Fitness Let’s Move! “The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake. bles were a regular part of their daily diet. Fast forward to today, where home cooked meals are being replaced with fast food. Extra curricular activities are being cut because of budget constraints. Parents are working two or three jobs and driving every-where, has replaced walking. sponders to rescuing their children and saving their lives. Let’ Move! arms parents and caregivers with information and the tools necessary to get their children en-route to a healthier lifestyle. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans as A child’s lifestyle has changed dramatical- set out by the US Department of AgriculLet’s Move! Lunch February 9, 2010. ly over the years , allowing for a more sed- ture (USDA) provides science based inforentary lifestyle. Many homes have more mation for individuals over the age of two, Every wife of the President of the United States has taken office with a plan to make than one televisions. Children are watching to promote health and reduce the rick of chronic diseases. a difference in the country their husband is more television and playing more video games than ever before. Much of their life called at the highest level to serve.. The The guideline encourages Americans to eat is taken up with sitting around eating, with same is true for Michelle Obama. As the less calories, get involved in more physical very little if any physical activity. The food first black First Lady of the United States activities and make wiser and healthier of America, a direct descend-ant of slaves, choices helps to compound food choices. Michelle Obama has taken on the task to the problem. Where a few decades ago My Plate, the USDA’s new food icon , is a help a generation who it ‘s widely bethey had more fruit and vegetables, to-day quick visual reminder to all consumers to lieved, will not live longer than their parthey are consuming too much sugary bevmake healthy food choices. These guideents, thanks to the epidemic of Childhood erages. Foods high in calorie, saturated fat lines can help parents and caregivers preObesity. and refined sugars. It is believed that their pare more balanced meals for themselves is a consumption of 31% more calories, According to researchers, the past three and their families. decades have seen a tripling of the rates of 56% more fat and 14% more sugars, and sweeteners. childhood obesity in America. The number are staggeringly higher in the Young people between the ages of eight to African American and Hispanic communi- eig Y[YX\[]\ ˍH\Z[BY\X[[܈\[X][H Hو][^[[[\Z[Y[YY][K'H\YHZX[Hؘ[XH]BHݙ\ZY܈ؙ\H]\[[ۙ[[ۙH[HY[Y]H]][\™]HوY][\ [[[H[\[HHوH؋HH\\HH] HX[]H\]]H]HY\[H[KH\›[KۙH\ZHH]H۝X][Xܜˈݙ\\HYX\Y [[H]\Y[[[[H[\[H]Y\HX]HYK^H\XKH][X[Y\[ܙHX]H]\˂\X]]Y\\H[\[X[\وB]\[[X[ۈ\[[\H][ YK\[\\YYX[ۛHH[[X]X[H]]YH[X][[ܙHZ][Y]KH^H[\[ ^H\HH\KB