Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 20

F I N A N C I A L L Y S P E A K I N G Inside the World of Conceptual Artist Carolanne Leslie Bushwick Brooklyn conceptual artist Carolanne Leslie tackles “concepts” not mediums. Leslie, a performance artist, filmmaker, director, editor, choreographer, sculptor, photographer, digital artist and painter, utilizes heterogeneity of artistic expression to illustrate the notion of interconnectedness. “I like the idea that the world, the universe, all matter is interrelated and every cell, every physical manifestation as well as every metaphysical manifestation is one and the same. All things are the same and all things come full circle. The coalescence of mediums such as film and performance with the tangible arts like sculpture, allows the spectator to come full circle through the integration of the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual into realm of the existential. “The essence of matter is what is important to me. I like to think of the tangible material of choice as an allegory for concept. For instance, broken glass is a metaphor for fragmentation, separation and isolation. The break/ mend dialectic is a concept I have been exploring for many years. There is salvation in the process of disintegration. The void becomes a metaphysical passage to metamorphosis, manifested in a new space of regeneration and synthesis” Leslie explores concepts such as enfoldment, emotional upheaval, chakra energy, transformation and regeneration Recycling materials from Bushwick, Brooklyn’s industrial environs such as glass, doors and windowpanes, she creates hauntingly beautiful sculptures of shattered glass. Metallic colors are applied to the windows and doors [\Y]X]Y[˂'HYHHܜ[[\Yو\YH[HY\ˈHXX[X]\X[]Y[ZHx&[HX][]YH[HؚX[[\ۛY[ ]8&\HY[\][ۈ[]˜[KHݙHHYXHوܙX][B]\[[Y[]وH]\Y\ˈ]Hۙ\[Y]\܈܂YX\ZH[[][ۈ[Y[\][ۋH[\\ݙ\x'B\[ \YK\HHوZ[[[Y][ܚ[[ܜ˜[Y\\[ݚ[HۙHܛ˜[\[[  \\\[ۚX\Y\][KHܜ\[ۈق\ HۙY[HوY][ܘ\K[Z[[H[YXZ[H]H\\][\[\B[ˈHܜ\[ۈو\\BX[ۈوY][HXY]Y[XY\˜[[Z[Y[XY\[XB^\\\]Y][ H\[]H\ HX]]HوB[X[ܛK]H[\[HقX^K