Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 19

In View Christina Mariposa Flamenco Dancer/Performer/Entrepreneur M ariposa, her stage name, is a Spanish word for Butterfly. Mariposa is an eclectic dancer of Cuban Irish decent, and has been dancing most of her life. Mariposa is also an Entrepreneur and currently works as a consultant in the accounting and auditing field in New York City. Mariposa put herself through college, earning a BBA in Business and Accounting as well as her MBA in Banking and Finance at Dowling College in Oakdale, New York. Mariposa is also a P.U.R.E – (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) NYC Dance Troupe member, and has recently traveled to Taiwan, Taipei to join the P.U.R.E Taiwan dancers in the performance of “PURE Reflections Beauty Reimagined” production. Mariposa has participated in the P.U.R.E Orlando, Florida chapter of P.U.R.E. Music is essential for Mariposa’s transformation into the magical and spiritual world in which her deepest art resides. She is the storyteller behind the musician. She paints the picture of the musical story and sets the stage; for beauty to emerge. She interprets the heartbeat, the heartbreak, or the passion and joy of song. Music moves Mariposa in a profound way and incites her unforgettable transformation and metamorphosis into The Butterfly or La Mariposa. 19