Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 14

Maria: How easy is it to buy a policy from New York Life and what are the various policies that you offer? You know for people who don’t have much money and say how I can afford a policy. Janice: The first thing is to sit with the person and have a conversation with them to find out what their needs are and help them decide the kind of policy that is right for them and what they can afford. Sometimes you have to say to them yes, a lot of people want whole life, but guess what; we all cannot afford it. Or we all won’t qualify for a policy. I always say all of us want to buy a home but we have to rent an apartment first; then save to buy the home. Some will rent their whole lives because they do not want the responsibility of owning. We have to do proper fact finding because someone can say they cannot afford it, yet spends $30.00 every week to get their nails done or $200 for cable or cell phone plans. Your young kids have $100.00 sneakers, but you have not thought of protecting them by insuring yourself. So a lot of times people look at the material things they are spending money on and say they have nothing left over. So my job is to say to them in a nice way, let’s see if we can find the funds, because this is important. Maria: So you have to be their financial adviser and teach them how to budget. How easy is it for someone to purchase a policy? Janice: It is relatively easy. One of the things that hold people back is they have no idea how much it is going to cost. They assume it is going to be so expensive. And yes, whole life is more expensive but as compared to what. People were afraid to ask. You know how they say if you are walking down the street and you look in the store window and cannot see a price tag from the street you probably can’t afford it. So people have that same idea about insurance. People will call me up and ask me how much it is going to cost. And I tell them that I have to sit with them because it is not a cookie cutter plan. I cannot say oh you are thirty five it is going to cost X. There are still some guidelines because your health is going to play a role and that is why I cannot tell you how much it is going to cost. I am not good at haggling with vendors. If you say it is $10.00 I am going to pay it. Some people look at the rate chart and say; well they are this age so it will cost that but it is your health that will determine the price. It is your health that buys insurance, your money only pays for it. With insurance, the more money the insurance company is on the hook for, the greater the medical requirements. We will not take your word for it. We want your medical records because if you die tomorrow, we have to pay out. Maria: So it all comes down to dollars and cents. Janice: Yes that is the business part of it. Maria: Let us move on from insurance. What are the things you enjoy doing outside of work? Janice: I am an avid Jazz fan. I love music. I cannot sing a note but I love music. I love going to the Theater. I have lived in the City for sixteen years. I love going out to restaurants trying new things that is a lot of what I do. Maria: I do enjoy going to see Broadway plays or better yet, staying home and reading a book. Looking at the present political climate, how do you see the role of women impacting the decision making process? Janice: Hillary is the first woman to be chosen as the candidate for a major political party. I am not very political, but I do wonder how other countries have had female leaders for such a long time and the effect that has had on their economy and we are just now doing that. We make jokes about if women rule the world there would be less wars but it is true. Maria: That is true. Janice: We are more willing to sit and talk it out and not quick to put our finger on the trigger to shoot somebody. But we are still resisting it in this country. It is going to come but there is resistance. I am excited for what is happening. Michelle Obama says she is never going to run. But I say “never say never.” she might not run but I think her role may be to mentor whoever is going to come after Hillary. Maria: I think she will because she has set a trend that no other First Lady can follow. When you look at the things Michelle Obama has done. She has also indirectly said to young women, you need to look up, not down. Janice: I do not see her fading into the background. Maria: Given the program she started with the Let’s Move initiative and if she is not driving that, it can fizzle out because people forget. How do you feel about reality shows? Do you fee l that they are empowering women? Janice: I don’t. I remember the first reality show Survivor. I sat and I watched it and thought to myself, how real is that. I do not watch reality shows. If there is nothing on TV; I will go re-read something I have already read. I do not think that there is any empowerment. If you are the person who wrote the show then yes, there is empowerment. Maria: I watch OWN a l