Daisy magazine September/October 2016 - Page 12

Ray of Hope Maria Edwards It was at the popular restaurant, Naples 45 that I sat down with this issue’ s featured guest Janice Bennett, a Financial Adviser in New York City. We met at a networking event we both attended at the National Council of Women of the United States. Now; here are her thoughts on various issues, while giving us a sneak peek into her life and work. Maria: Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to be with me and for also wanting to be a part of Daisy magazine. I scout meetings to find persons whom I think will fit into what it is that I am doing. Janice: Ok. When you said you wanted to interview me for the magazine. I was like me, because I am not used to being in front of the camera. I am used to being behind the camera to make sure everything works. Maria: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Janice: I was born at Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, to a single mom. She was living at home with her parents and that is where my formative years began and were shaped. My mother then got married and moved away, they later migrated to the United States. I was left with my grandparents, who raised me. My grandfather was very strict. As soon as I could write my name; I got a bank account and a library card. He kept a tight rein on me. Being the first grandchild, they made sure I did the right things. Maria: How did growing up in Jamaica help to shape you? Janice: Again my grandparents had a lot of influence on me. My grandfather was not one who allowed me to go out and play like the other children in my neighborhood did. Maria: You mean Erasmus in Brooklyn. You know Erasmus has a reputation. Janice: Yes it was before it got that reputation. We had the West Indians versus the Black Americans. When I came, I did not have any school records so they looked at my age and placed me in a class. Based on my performance, I was put in a class. I was acing every class so next semester I was on the honor roll, then the Dean’s list. So for my age; I was already advanced because my grandfather had me doing extra studies. I If I asked him to go out and play with any- later went to New York University. one he would send me to do my homework. Maria: The thing about the English educaI would tell him that I did it already and he tion system as against the American educawould instruct me to go and read a book or tion system is how advanced the former is. to listen to the radio. I did “sneak out” and I always say this about many American play with the other kids while he was at students. They take their opportunities for work. So in that respect; I was kind of shel- granted. They have easy access to educatered. I was a ^\ZXY[^H[ۈY]Z\\]][ۈ\X]]ܚX]\HHXYHYHXYZXYB^HX\ [[XZXH[X[B\\ˈH\H\\[\X[›وH\\XX[[Y\]\X]Y][Y\[H\\H^HX[H[H][[]\\[^\[H]H[^\Y]\\[BZ\YHH[YܛH[HYۋ[]HH[HX]H[\ܝ[Hو]]\H\HY\\K][[ۙ^H][وYHY[XN]\X]HY\\H[]^H\\\Y[ \YX\]وH\]][ۈوH\˂YK\X\^H\YX\XN[[^H\X\HYH\BYNYH\[H [B[H]H[[و[\YH[HZۛ\\H[H[ˈ[H[\X\[\K\]H\[ۂ[YH\HH[\\]\[Yو[\ܛ[\”[[L