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Traffic & Commuting in LA Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US, with over 18 million people in the greater metro area, and covers 502.7 square miles. LA is large and it is known for its horrible traffic. The average traveler in LA experiences 72 hours of traffic delay per year according to the Texas Transportation Institute study. With traffic congestion the norm commuting and travel time to work are important considerations in deciding where to live. There is public transportation in Los Angeles, but it's not like in New York or Boston. Los Angeles is not a very walkable city, and when you search for an apartment for rent in the City of Angels test drive the commute before you commit. Consider moving close to a Metro Rail Station as it will give you access to most schools and major Metro hubs. How will you get to work? Will you use public transportation or a personal vehicle? AmeriCorps members receive a free Metro TAP pass for unlimited transportation in the LA area, but it does not cover many commuter transportation options for suburbs or neighboring cities (See the “Getting Around LA” section for more details). Below are some common public transportation train and bus lines by neighborhood for each current CYLA school:  City Year Office o o o o o o Metro Center (Blue Line, Expo Line, Red Line, Purple Line, Silver Line Bus Pershing Square (Red line) 6th/Olive— Bus Lines: Dash B, 785 6th (in front of Ardas Café) — Bus Lines: 16,17,18,53,55,62,316,355 Olive (in front of the Athletic Club) — Bus Lines: 14, 78, 79, 96, 378 7th/Olive— Bus Lines: 70, 71, 76, 770  Westlake/Koreatown o o o o Belmont HS/ Sal Castro MS — McArthur Park Station (Red Line) + 20 Min walk JLMS — Metro Center/ 7th ST + 15 Minute Walk NOW — Wilshire/ Normandy Station (Purple Line) Virgil MS — Vermont/ Beverly Station (Red Line)  Boyle Heights o o o o Hollenbeck MS — Soto Station (Gold Line) + 9 Min Walk Mendez — Soto Station (Gold Line) Roosevelt HS — Soto Station (Gold Line) + 10 Min Stevenson MS — Indiana Station (Gold Line) + 9 Minute Walk  South LA o o o o o o 93rd Street ES — Bus 10/48 or Bus 51/52/352 99th Street ES — 103rd Street (Blue Line) + 20 Min Walk Carver MS— Bus 51/52 or Bus 352 Clinton MS— Jefferson/ USC Station (Expo Line) Figueroa Street ES — Bus 81 or Harbor Fwy Station (Green Line) or the Silver Line Bus Jefferson HS — Bus 53/55/355 or Bus 202 42 | C o r p s M e m b e r O r i e n t a t i o n & R e s o u r c e G u i d e Return to Navigation