Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 99

T he Norfolk coast is a peaceful, tranquil haven. Wild in parts, with its amazing saltmarshes sweeping on to an enormous intertidal zone, and bustling in others, with cheerful coastal towns like Wells, Sheringham and Cromer. Much of it is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. July 2017| 99 Take care crossing the B reat Bircham to litcham road on the way to oughton. The eddars Way National Trail and the tumuli ancient burial mounds should also be visible along this section of road. The beauty makes it popular, but cyclists don t have to compete with coast road traffic if they take the Norfolk Coast Cycleway an alternative on-road route developed for safe enjoyment of the area by the Norfolk Coast Partnership. Avoiding the busier roads, towns and villages, the Cycleway uses a network of quieter roads inland. One advantage of coming slightly in from the coast is that the topography rises and in many places it offers splendid panoramic views across rolling countryside, fresh and saltwater marsh and coastline. Since its launch nearly two decades ago, the cycleway, which travels along Sustrans National red route 1 and Regional blue route 30 for nearly 100 miles Follow the map and signs for Houghton Hall, which is open to the public during the summer and has important collections of land art, including works by the globally famous Richard Long. Long’s 1967 ‘A line made by walking’ came at the start of a career making, as he describes, “a new art which was also a new way of walking walking as art . e ect on whether your cycle journey can also be part of this artistic experience! Near the entrance of the church is St Martins. As you cycle alongside Houghton Hall park watch out for the striking white fallow deer. At Great Bircham, the Kings Head and Bircham Windmill seasonal opening offer refreshments. Continuing on towards Snettisham you will cross the Peddars Way again before completing the loop near Snettisham Park Farm. between King’s Lynn and Great Yarmouth, has become increasingly popular. A specially produced map guide from the Norfolk Coast Partnership shows the entire route on one side with a selection of explorer loops on the reverse, allowing users to view the wider route corridor and explore with confidence. Information on the map includes road status, distances, gradients and safety warnings as well as a guide to shops, places to eat, drink and camp. Cycling business and town centre map inserts also feature. Setting up your own cycle itinerary couldn’t be easier and the loops are a great way to see the stunning variety of landscapes off the coast. ere are a couple a wander off the beaten track in the little-known west of the Norfolk coast at Ingoldisthorpe and a meander in the area of the char Z[ۈو Z[[X] ]\[^H[و\ܞK]\[^K\Hܙ[X]‘X\HY[]H\Hو[[[[H^ܙ\\H [Z[H]Hو۝\][\\قH8&XY[ܛ8&HX\H\H^H[\\š[[]X[Y[ܙˈ\H\Hܙ[ۙB]\][[Hܚ[]\Z[ \H]XœYKH[\\\H[]\][K[[Y[]\X\H[][Hۈ[\HX]܂HZ[]XۜܜH\H8$[]HXوH[[\YY[\K\\[Y[ۘ[]H ]Y[\[H[ܙ\[K\Y\X[H [[[[Z[\ X]XYXH[[H Y\[HYܙHܛ[HLM ^][H[H۝•^X\HYHH\YKX[XYH\B][\]HYX\[[X]Y^H\[[[H\[H]Y]و\\H\H[HY]H[YY[ۙB[\ܜH^ܙ\][[[ۙ]H[[›[\܈]Xو] NZ[\ˈ\[][\ܜK[H[\Y[Y\و\ۙH[[Y\YܙH[[ۙH[\HوYۈ[\[]]]H[Y\\ ۝[Z[ۈ‘ܙX]\[H[\\[H[Z[ [x&[]\HۙXX]^HۈH]\وۙ]\[KH\وZXY[[[[[]\ܜB\ZY]HY[Z[[X\][HYY \ۛB\\XH^ \HX[]X]H[YHق\ܛHۈH[[[H\]N\\[Y\]]\YX]YX\KX\]\H[XHZ[\[\H X[XH\H[ۋ\\Y[