Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 94

94 | Cycling World The Other Side of Cumbria C ontrary to popular belief, there is more to Cumbria than the imposing ake istrict. Tourism in the area is almost exclusively based around the stunning scenery that the District boasts, with rolling hills and gentle valleys being an exciting prospect for hikers, cyclists and dog walkers. But take a little detour to the east, and the quiet market town of Kirkby Stephen is a cyclist’s haven, with three marked routes to follow, all of which start at the Tourist nformation Centre in the town. The rides tend to be hilly it is close to the ake istrict, after all , light on traffic and will treat you to some amazing views. You might find the uphill struggle a little tiresome at first, but once you reach the top and take in the surrounding scenery, your woes will seem insignificant in comparison. And an exhilarating trip back down the other side will more than make up for any exertion you may have previously felt. Route One This km ride begins at the pper den isitor Centre which is easily located on Market Street in the town. The visitor centre also provides free car parking and so is ideal for those that have driven into the area with the specific intention of attempting this bike ourney. The route is based completely on roads and is not recommended for beginner cyclists. Start by heading north up to the second mini roundabout and turn right. You should soon come to a junction which will be signposted with blue and signs. Turn left here and then bear right as you cycle through the Winton district. Keep an eye out for those blue signs, since they will help you navigate your way, turning left, then right and left again as the signs indicate. As you enter Barras, turn right, which will take you through a tunnel. Once through this, turn right onto Church Brough. Follow the signs to Brough Castle, and if you have time, take a wander around this English Heritage site, which was restored in the 17th century. Once you have satisfied your historic curiosity, continue on through the village, cycling over a bridge and onto a fenced pathway. The A will require you to cross over a few slip roads, so do so with care, before turning left at the clock tower and left again into Great Musgrave. Continue straight ahead,