Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 91

July 2017| 91 W orcestershire lies between the ancient Malvern ills and the Cotswolds. This beautiful county has excellent road and rail links and a blend of traditions, heritage and beauty. It is the county that inspired Edward Elgar and is also home to Royal Worcester Porcelain, Worcestershire Sauce, Morgan Motors and Malvern Spring Water. The county s two largest rivers have helped shape the Worcestershire landscape. The Severn ows through the eorgian towns of Bewdley and Stourport-on-Severn, whilst the Avon passes by the market towns of Pershore and Evesham. Both rivers are popular for boating and fishing events. Set amidst the glorious Severn Valley, Worcestershire is an ama ing destination for cycling enthusiasts. The county has various National Cycle Network (NCN) routes, cycling trails and a whole host of cycling events held throughout the year. Worcestershire is a great county to get out and about in and there is no better way to explore Worcestershire than hopping on a bicycle and watching the lush green landscape pass you by. Or it can just be an easier way to get from A to B in the towns and city. The Wyre orest orestry Commission has a variety of cycling routes to choose from, whatever your ability, but is a particular favourite for those with young children who can en oy the family friendly signposted route. There are many other routes to choose from but if you want to test your mountain bike skills, Kingsford Forest Park is home to a downhill mountain bike trail set to test your riding abilities and the Malvern Hills have a variety of paths to choose from. The Tour of Britain returned to the county for the third time in September 2014, with the fourth stage starting in Worcester and ending in Bristol. Starting at The ive, riders made their way out to Great Malvern, where the first ing of the Mountain trial took place, heading up towards the Malvern Hills. After a lovely scenic ride around the Malvern ills, the race went down into pton- upon-Severn, and then onto ershore and vesham before leaving the county after the second ‘King of the Mountain trial in the beautiful honey-coloured Cotswold village of Broadway. This year will see Worcester as the starting point for stage eight which leads to Cardiff where the race will finish. Come to Worcestershire in springtime and you can take part in the Blossom Bikeaway, or just take a leisurely ride through ngland s only spring blossom trail. This -mile AA-signposted route takes in some spectacular scenery with the sight and smell of blossom as you journey through the Vale of Evesham. While you’re in the Wychavon area, a visit to the Worcestershire Cotswolds is a must. Broadway s honey-coloured buildings and sweeping landsc \\\HX\K\\[\\[YY]HZ\\[HXKYHYX\Yܘ\\\H[H[[ [ۈ[[ۈ]\[[HX\\[X˘˛ܙ˝Z [Y ][Y[YۙY]BZ\\H]\[[H\Y[Z[\YBو[H]ܝ\Z[[H[X[Y›و[X\HYH[ۙY^\[[[]˜\[H]H[\Y\ˈYHٙ\YYH[ܙB[[[\۝H[\\[ܛK