Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 74

74 | Cycling World The gentle beauty of Suffolk Lindsay Want discovers how a curious county with no motorway, that’s barely 100 miles north of London, is a picture-perfect place to pedal, whether you want to whizz around, forge through forests or gently enjoy cycling in the slow lane. A light at Needham Market station and it soon dawns on you that the only thing about Suffolk that s high rise are the hollyhocks. edal off, and gentle valleys begin to roll. The skies stretch out as wide as wide can be to greet you across the gentle folds and fields of the landscape and before you know it, a luxurious 17th century farmstead is the place you can call home for the night. A lazy supper and a moment or two amongst the bright garden borders later, it’s time for sweet Suffolk dreams of tomorrow s hearty breakfast brim-full of home produce and the open road or should that be lane , which promises castles, cliffs and a hugely historic coastline, complete with a house in the clouds. All fairy tale stuff. You re practically guaranteed to sleep like a beauty! eaving the five-s tar comfort of Bays arm B B at Forward Green is a tough call, but forwards means gentle on the legs along quiet country lanes here in mid- Suffolk and green is definitely the colour of the day. At ebenham, half-timbered cottages lean on each other along the roadside, looking lazily across the little river or wide grassy verges. Red brick ‘nogging’ between ancient beams, carved corner posts and ettied upper oors all suggest a wealth of things. So too, the mighty int church tower peeping above The Woolpack pub. There s a real pattern to Suffolk s medieval wool towns, but the route map says, ‘let’s save that for another day’. Onwards then, and upwards to the at arable lands around Stradbroke and a great network of B-roads which would surely go down a swarm with some club cycling