Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 69

July 2017| 69 A Guide to Track Accreditation: To ride the velodrome track at ee alley elo ark during track leagues and structured training sessions, riders must have completed our four stage accreditation process: Stage 1: Stage is an hour long and involves learning the basics of riding the velodrome track and a fixed wheel bike. You will also learn a range of new skills and techniques including group riding, track gradients, hand positions and riding in a basic line. Stage 2: Stage is a two-hour long session which aims to progress riders from the basic skills learnt so far to a range of techniques including group riding exercises and techniques to help ride in a group. Stage 3: Stage 3 is also two hours long and is aimed to help riders learn how to apply speed to the techniques they have already learnt, as well as improving their skills within a bunch. Stage 4: Stage is a two-hour long assessment which will access all the skills learnt in stages a range of scenarios and exercises from each of the previous stages. to . You will be assessed in Accredited: Once you are accredited you will be able to attend structured training sessions known as Power Fitness and Race eady. Once you have attended five of these sessions you will qualify to compete in track league events and ride the velodrome track at Cycle Derby Velodrome, National Cycling Centre Velodrome in Manchester, Wales National Velodrome and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow. For more information, please visit