Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 59

July 2017| 59 ‘Oh right!’ ‘Best of luck!’ A complimentary, ‘You guys are strong!’ We entered what we thought at the time was “the bush” as we headed north from rancistown, camping off the side of the road to prepare ourselves for the vast, lion- inhabited, elephant-dominated wilderness that lay ahead Or, That s an important thing to be doing, in reference to our aim to raise awareness about rangers. One thing we’re all wondering, is when will people be more gobsmacked by where we’ve come from, Johannesburg, than where we’re going (Nairobi). Something tells me we’ve got quite a while to go... Into the Wild Charlie Rose “Hey mate, how are you?!”, declaims Johnno with tremendous excitement, racing down the hill to greet the first fellow cycle-tourer we had come across so far. “Where have you cycled from? How long have you been on the road?” “Eight years. I started in New York in 2009. How about you guys?” replied Mike, without a hint of arrogance or pride. Humbling experiences come ten a penny when you are touring through Africa, from facing off with bull elephants, to being out-manned by a veteran cyclist of the highest calibre. The last week or so of our ourney has been a true test against the outdoors, a kind of purgatory before one is allowed through the pearly gates of the ambi i and sent on your merry way to a land of fifty cent beers and the fantastical waterfalls. Upon leaving Francistown I was struck by the sense that we had passed our undergrad in African bicycle touring, some with ying colours, and others, namely me, with another fu ing , . The course consisted of overcoming a mountain-range in South Africa, XK[XZ[\܈Hܛ[][\X[^\وۋBX[[ܙ\]\]\\]YZ[[\ۈ\H\]HYYY [ۈBXXو[]\]Y\\ݙ\Y]H[H\Z[\X\\][XYHX [B[\\]K[\[\\\ۈ\XK]\[ BܘYX]H]H[]\]Hو[Kو\ˈHZ[\\\KX[Y\[[\][H[[]][[\]H\H]X\X\[H\Z\Z\[[&]H\[]\ٙ[ۜ[HXXYH\BH^[ܛ[H\HXY]\^[[BHؘ\K\ؘ\\HHH\XY\[\]HܘXو]ۈ[HH\H[B]\[\ݙH[\YH[XBX[XHYHX[Y[[[ۙH][XZHZ\[XYH]Z[ۜY\XH[ܙB[YܝXK[]^K\X\\]܈B]K[HX\HX[KYXܘ]YX]][YH\\[H\H\YܙHۈ[]][HY[\HBܙˈH\YX]YH]H[Y[\[[X[YH^[Y[HY[K][˜X][[[\[H\[\X\ HZY\YK\Y[[[^HXYYٙ\›[[HYX\H\\HX[]BXYH\ۘ[[H[[\YوXY[\[[HZ[]]وY\]ZXH\œXKH^]و^\ۜ\Yوݙ\[H\Hق[Y[Y]\]^H]Y[\[H[YB\\H]H\HXHY ۙH[Y[[[[Y\[HY[YYx&\˜۝[Y[H]Y\[\\YK]\H[]][B[Y][[\YK[[[X]Y\X\X[YH\˜[\\]Y[ []X[YH\\[]HY[\YH[وX\8$HX[H[YY[[X\\