Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 52

52 | Cycling World Cycling For Rangers By Will Johnson, Charlie Rose, Theo Bromfield and Will Addison F our young men are on an ambitious adventure: an 8,000km snaking cycle from Johannesburg to Nairobi, through eight countries and ten national parks. The motivation To raise awareness about a cause and part of the world that they feel passionately about conservation and particularly the welfare of anti- poaching rangers across sub-Saharan Africa. They are making a film about their travels and documenting their journey through a blog. by a grunt about how much or little sleep we got an update on bowel movements throughout the night. The nights spent in the tent, which so far has been most of them, usually feature on the lower end of the scale for the amount of sleep achieved. So far this week, we’ve had a group of 16 blokes stumble past our tent, there’s been 4am cockerels reminding us in Africa it’s time to get up and, one special night, we had a nervous hippo scratching round in the bushes next to us. As you can imagine it makes for a relaxing post-cycle recovery. Team Dynamics: A Critical Analysis Before long, Johnno has the cooker up and running to varying degrees of success depending on the choice of fuel. So far, diesel has created more of a amethrower effect, unlike petrol, which although creates a small bomb when used, tends to cook our baked beans pretty well in the morning. Once breakfast is inhaled, the others pack up their kit instantaneously. Will Addison Since leaving Balule, we have cycled our way through mountains, rainforest, desert and African savannah to find ourselves km away from the Botswana border. t has been some of the toughest cycling of the trip so far. Cancel that. It has been some of the toughest cycling of my life so far. Our typical day starts with Johnno bounding round the camp room grass, or wherever we have managed to locate an area to sleep the night before. He tends to do this around 6am, normally full of life and expectations for how promptly he wants us out and on the road. Theo is next up and is usually tinkering with